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Samsung Mobile flagship smartphone, Galaxy S5 was launched on the 11th of April. There's no doubt that the high-end device is one of the most highly anticipated smartphones in the Q1 of 2014. Compared to its rival HTC ONE M8, Galaxy S5 was even sold out in Korea before it's launch date in order to satisfy the anxiety and curiousity of consumers.
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         - Samsung Galaxy S5 On Sale Before Official Release

Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with unique and interesting features that makes it different among others. It enables camera from the lock screen, fingerprint scanner located inside the Home button, heart rate monitor on the back just under the camera port also water and dust resistant. It also include key specs like 2.5 GHZ Quadcore application processor, 16MP rear camera, 2800 mAH battery life and Android 4.4.2 kitkat.
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         - Samsung Galaxy S5 Full Specs

However, there are possibilities that Galaxy S5 won't sell much as expected in Nigeria. Wondering why?   


In a country like Nigeria where the minimum wage of an average worker is #20,000. In a country where an average citizen lives below a dollar per day. Would you prefer to "Cut your coat according to your size" or rather "Cut your cloth according to your cloth"?

It's only 4 out of 100 nigerians that can afford to 'close their two eyes' to buy Galaxy S5 which is presently worth over #110,000. 1 a politician, 2 an entertainer eg. musician, 3 a pastor & a Cyber criminal i.e Yahoo Boys. *Lol*
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I agree that the device is of high quality which I guess it actually worths the price. With #110,000 I would rather go for a Laptop maybe HP 2000 Corei 3(6GB) worth #85,000. With a balance of #25,000 left to purchase any other smartphone of your choice.

Come to think of it, you purchase Galaxy S5 after some time it becomes scrap and you sell it like a Tecno Phone - is that sensible?

Second Choice:

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is just like any other smartphone out there. I still emphasize that the device is unique beyond every reasonable doubt but there's so much similar alternatives. Aseize Okaztle
even compared Samsung Galaxy S5 to Sony Xperia Z2, is Z2 better than S5?
I do advice people that before you purchase any gadget, ask yourself: Why do I need it? Will it Satisfy my needs? What's so special about Galaxy S5 that you can't get on HTC, Nexus, Sony, or even Tecno at a reasonable price?

No wonder Nosa Ero Nosa post that Galaxy S5 was considered as a piece of cheap plastic by HTC president.
This post is basically just my own opinion, I'm not trying to blacklist or downgrade any product. Criticism sometimes is good for the business.

If you have any contributions, drop your comments lets hear you out.

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Friday, 25 April 2014


Today Microsoft has finally announced the acquisition of Nokia's devices and services after 8 months.

"At our core, we are passionate about building technology that will change the world. From the early vision of Microsoft of placing a PC in every home and on every desk, to Nokia connecting billions of people through mobile devices, we have empowered generations. But we could not have achieved any of this without our fans around the world.
Your support has created strong momentum for Nokia Lumia smartphones and they continue to grow in popularity around the world."
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Nokia also said:
"And we are committed to continuing our support for feature phones, the Asha family, and the Nokia X family
of devices, announced at the Mobile World Congress in February."

"As Microsoft and Nokia Devices and Services come together as an expanded family, we will unify our
passion, dedication and commitment to bringing you the best of what our joint technologies have to offer.
Together, we can connect and
empower people with one experience for everything in their life in a world where it is mobile first and cloud first."

Are you happy about the move from Nokia? Do you think that this move will benefit all the Nokia users and even make the company Bigger and Better?

If you have any questions or suggestions about the topic, Stephen Elop (Executive Vice President, Devices & Services at Nokia) will answer your questions live in “Ask Me Anything” session worldwide on Monday, April 28 at 1PM GMT.


Thursday, 24 April 2014


It's no more news that windows 8.1 update is now available to some Lumia phones. One of the cool new feature that comes along with the update is the Cortana. It's like your Online Digital Personal Assistant (PA).Cortana is coming to every Lumia smartphone running Windows Phone 8, including the Nokia Lumia 520 , Lumia 1020 , and Lumia 930.

Cortana is powered by Bing and has been designed to make your mobile life easier; sending an SMS, or phoning a  friend. However, it’s capable of much more.

How Does Cortana Works?

Launch Cortana Home by tapping its Live Tile on your Start screen, or by pressing the search button on your device. The first time you interact with Cortana, she (yes, Cortana is based on the female AI in the Halo gaming franchise) will try to get to know you by asking your name, as well as some things you’re interested in. Once pleasantries have been exchanged, Cortana Home will display useful information tailored just for you. This could be flight information taken from email confirmations, or up-to-the-minute traffic data based on your usual route to work. You can ask Cortana to not disturb you during specified times. For the duration of these ‘quiet hours’ your phone will be switched to silent and Cortana will only grant access to the most important people from your ‘inner circle’.

It was developed with the help of real PAs to make the experience more accurate and efficient. Above all,Cortana is loaded with personality that makes her seem almost lifelike.
I guess you can’t wait for to try it?



The Academic Staff Union of
Polytechnics (ASUP), on wednesday, said it had concluded plans to stage a nationwide protest over what it described as government’s insensitivity to its lingering strike.

The National President of the
union, Dr Chibuzo Asomugha, told newsmen in Abuja that the protest would take place on April 29. This is coming on the heels of Kebbi State chapter of the union’s decision on Tuesday to call off the 10-month old strike.

Asomugha said failure by the
Federal Government to meet the demands of ASUP and the
Colleges of Education AcademicvStaff Union (COEASU) and the consequent shutdown of the nation’s public polytechnics and colleges of education was
“In fact, we are planning for the protest on April 29 and if it
doesn’t come up on the 29th,
then it would be immediately
after May Day.
“We have been waiting for the
federal government. The strike should have been suspended about three weeks ago but wechaven’t heard from them.
“So, with this kind of development we do not even think there is any measure of sincerity on the part
of the government,’’ he said.

According to him, the strike has lingered and members are
beginning to give in to pressure.
“Ten months into the strike, some chapters are coming under pressure but there are provisions in our constitution to take care of such betrayals."
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         - Check Your 2014 JAMB Result Here

This is so sad, JAMB has come and gone some candidates that scored below 200 are worried to sit for polytechnic exams due to the present strike. When I'm being asked about my opinion in respect of this ASUP Strike, I'll tell them that FG doesn't f**king care about you guys.

Sunday, 20 April 2014


If you're using windows app and maybe due to reason or the other you notice some faults or bugs in the app; Microsoft has now made it possible for windows app users to directly contact the app developer about it.

Microsoft is slowly rolling out a program whereby developers can comment on your reviews of their handiwork.Don't panic,the developers won't get access to your personal details, and, if they overstep the mark, you can report them for poor conduct.

Microsoft also made it known that this program could take about some months before it'll be put in place.
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          -  Microsoft To Change The Ranking Of 'TOP GAMES' On Windows Phone Store

This step seems to be in the right direction as it enable you to choose either of the following options:

√ ignore the email
√ respond to the developer
update your review or
√ opt out of all future app review responses.



Following the release of the just concluded UTME result on thursday, JAMB officially released the statistics for the
UTME result. Which are well elucidated below:

According to the Registrar/ChiefExecutive of JAMB, Prof.
Dibu Ojerinde, a total of 47 candidates scored 250 and above, 24 in the Paper Pencil Test (PPT) and likewise 23 candidates in the Dual Based Test (DBT ) modes of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation
Examination (UTME) conducted across the country last Saturday.

The JAMB boss also disclosed that in PPT, 275,282 candidates scored below 150; 122,157 scored 150-159; 115,456 scored 160-169; 315,401 candidates scored 170-199 while 108,488
candidates scored 200-249.

According to him, “In DBT,
2,471 candidates scored below 150; 2,830 scored 150-159; 3,808 scored 160-169; 6,678 candidates also scored between 170-199 while 1,309 candidates scored 200-249.

“A total of 990,179 candidates
applied for PPT while 25,325
candidates applied for DBT which amounts to 1,015,504
applicants”. Prof Ojerinde
said universities have highest
number of applicants as
first choice as not less than
995,901 candidates choose
universities as their first choice of institution, 13, 761 candidates choose polytechnics as first choice; 20, 558 opted for colleges of
education while 32 candidates
choose innovative enterprise
institute as their first choice.

He said from the two modes
of exam conducted, there was a total of 36,164 invalid results, 2,494 results were with-held by the board for further scrutinising while 37,315 candidates were absent from the exams. He added that a total of 1, 865 centres were used for the conduct of PPT and 133 centres were used for DBT.

How To Check Your Result For Free

Initially the link that was being used since on thursday to check result was this

But now JAMB has stopped it from functioning. From what I've heard, Cyber cafes now charge #1,300 to buy scratch card in order for candidates to check their results. Up till now, some candidates still haven't check thier results.

So, the only working solution is to download JAMB app to check your result. What you'll only need is your registration number.
Download JAMB app for windows phones HERE

Download JAMB app for Android phones HERE

If you still want me to check your result for you, drop your registration number.

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Youtube for Android users has been updated  to version 5.6.31, the previous version was 5.5.27. The update comes with  a couple of new features. The major addition to the Youtube app is the ability to cast live videos to Chromecast.

Live videos are, videos of events happening live and not pre-recorded and previously there was no way to watch this on Chromecast, which has been fixed now.

Other notable includes an Updated Watch Later UI, which is now in tune with the design of the rest of the app.

However, the new Youtube app update has not hit the Google Play Store yet. But  you can download the APK format file and install it on your Android phone HERE


Evleaks leaked a press photo of the unannoucned LG L65 on Twitter. The image consists of the front and the back of the handset in a white color.

The rumoured specs of the LG L65 include
- a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU,
- 4.3” display, and
- 5MP camera.

There's possibility that the price of the LG L65 will come at an affordable price as we've seen in other LG L series.

We'll keep you updated on the launch date and when it'll be available for consumers.



Nokia has halt the sales of the
Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet around the world due to the fact that the charger could give the users an electric shock. Therefore, Nokia is warning owners of the Lumia 2520 tablet to stop using the charger.

Also, some parts of the European countries which include; Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, Switzerland and the UK are advised to suspend use of the AC-300 charger of the Lumia 2520 tablet. Nokia also urges people in those countries and in the USA not to use the travel charger accessory too.

"a potential product quality issue that may potentially lead to a safety concern" in certain AC-300 chargers, which are manufactured by a third-party supplier. The
charger in question is only used for the 2520 slate, so other Nokia phones and chargers are fine. "Under certain conditions," Nokia
warns, "the plastic cover of the charger's exchangeable plug could come loose and separate. If loose and separated, certain internal
components pose a hazard of an electric shock if touched while the plug remains in a live socket."

"We apologize to
the owners of the Lumia 2520, and we are working with urgency to minimize the inconvenience."

Nokia also admits that without the charger the tablet is "virtually useless".

For more info log on to


Recently Sony makers of Xperia Z , Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z had already announced that the the smartphones will get Android 4.4 KitKat update in May.

According to Xperiablog, there's a confirmation that the smartphone devices above with be rolled out on Android Kitkat in early May.
The updated product page of Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z reveal that the upcoming update will start next month (May).

We’ll bring you any further
news as we have it.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014


After we heard that Facebook was interested in the 20-person drone maker (Titan Aerospace),Google snatches it up for an undisclosed sum. I actually knew Google was planning something big after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced it's plans to acquire Titan on his timeline a month ago.

According to a posting on Titan's now barebones Web site:
"We're thrilled to announce that Titan Aerospace is joining Google."

What these drones actually does is that with it's solar-powered feature it will beam broadband Internet access to the developing world. No wonder these technology companies desperately wants to get their hands on it due to the great deal of Web users.

Facebook recently acquired
Ascenta, a UK-based startup that makes solar-powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)for $20 million. Now, Google has joined the competition, purchasing drone maker Titan Aerospace for an undisclosed sum.

Titan Aerospace is based in New Mexico and headed up by former Symantec CEO Vern Raburn. Raburn will stay in charge of Titan Aerospace, Google told The Wall Street Journal, which first reported on the acquisition. His team will work closely with Google.

The drone company says it expects "initial commercial
operations" to start in 2015.
Titan Aerospace, similar to
Facebook-owned competitor
Ascenta, is developing two insect-like drones.


Are you a blogger? What do you use majorly for blogging, PC or Phone? Do you know that not every blogger can afford a PC? So, you intend to quit blogging because you don't a PC when you can afford a Smartphone for the meantime. This article is dedicated to bloggers that don't have neither a Laptop nor a Deskstop computer but would never give up on blogging.  Since I started blogging last year (2013), I have never updated a single blog post on PC. All I have been using to update my blog is my Android phone. Though my traffic can't be compared to some big blogs like that of Thatnaijablog or Ogbongeblog but at least I can boast of more than 15,000 organic page views/month on my 4 months old tech blog.

As a blogger, there are certain techniques and tools which you require in order to make your blog a success - that is if you're really serious about blogging.

These are the apps I consider a serious blogger should have on his smartphone to improve your blogging:-

1. Download Manager/ UC Browser

Download Manager:-

If you're a blogger using blogger platform, what do you observe whenever you're using opera mini to browse your dashboard? You can't view it completely, right?
As a good blogger, it's very important that you keep a tab on your blog performance whether you're checking your pageviews or your adsense earnings. Don't forget that this post is for bloggers using their android to blog, so do you achieve this when the great opera mini doesn't show your full dashboard.
Well, what I simply do is that I make use of another browser called Download Manager.
With Download manger I can see my complete dashboard with full flexibility and I can even edit my blogger layout too. I describe Download Manager as "my PC browser" simply because I don't need to borrow a laptop or go to the Cafe before I can edit, update or delete anything on my blog.

Other Features:
*Tabbed browsing
*Support for HTTP basic
*authentication for web pages
*Simple and clean user interface
*Bookmark manager
Check out other features and Download HERE

UC Browser:-

Basically I don't use this app frequently because I find it too slow compared to Opera mini.
The main reason why this browser is on my list is because I can use it to take screenshots of any web page and I can also edit the it. It also enables me to read any pdf files without using any app.  If you are an entertainment blogger I believe you know the usefulness of screenshoting important text or pictures because it plays a very important role in your blog post thereby enriching your content for more traffic.

Other Features:
*Web Application Center-
Easily find the best web apps and enjoy mobile life without worrying about constantly downloading, installing and updating.
*Image Viewer- All the pictures on the current webpage are put together in one place for you to view, just like in a photo album.
*UC Homescreen Widget-
Use this add-on to create a widget on your home screen for easy access to rich services on UC Browser.
*More Languages and Fonts
Supports more regional languages and fonts on webpages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and more.
*General Improvements-
Improvements to key functions such as typing, moving forward & backward, font adjustment, etc.
Check out more Features and Download HERE

2. Facebook Page Manager

It's only a newbie blogger that doesn't know the importance of a Facebook fan page. That will be another topic I intend to write later.

Using an ordinary browser like Opera mini, Download Manager or UC web to manage your facebook has certain limits. For example: if you use opera mini when you receive message on you fan page, you can't see it but you'll get the notification on your facebook timeline. Another example, let's say you want to upload a picture on your facebook fan page and you're using opera mini. Well, if you're a consistent blogger like me that has alot of pictures on my phone you'll find it time consuming to search through all the pictures you have on your phone. True or false?
So what I do is that I make use of this app to control anything I want on my fan page(s). The flexibility and ease at which I find this app useful baffles me. I can even promote my page via facebook adverts too on this app.

Other Features:
*Post updates and photos and respond to comments as your Pages
*View and reply to private messages sent to your Pages
*View your latest Page Insights
* Attach a photo to a status update
*Post and promote at the same time
Check out more features and Download HERE

3. Opera Mini

If you're a mobile blogger and you are not using opera mini browser, I bet that you have nothing less than 50 page views per day. This is the fastest browser I've ever used! If I don't open opera mini for one day it's either I don't have data plan on my phone or I don't want to blog - the funny part is I can't do without blogging. I believe that has a blogger you know the positive role social medias plays  in making your blog successful.
Using opera mini enables me to promote my blog on different social media (facebook, twitter, google+, etc) and in forums like Nairaland and Naijaloaded. I share my blog post on google+, twitter and facebook with this app. 80% of whatever my blog is today was made possible through opera mini because I do almost everything on it. No wonder when I check the major browsers in Traffic source, opera mini browser is always at the top. I recommend this app as a great tool for your blogging life.

Other Features:
*Set all your favourite websites on the home screen of your browser with Speed Dial. There’s no limit to the number of entries you can add.
*Find out what’s happening  with Smart Page. It delivers instant updates from Facebook, Twitter and the latest news.
*Multitask and switch between open pages with tabs.
*Save pages to read later, or for times you’re not connected to the internet.
*Get music, movies and more when it’s convenient for you with the download manager.
Check out more features and download HERE

4. Picsart

As a blogger you should understand that there are two common things your readers look out for when they visit your blog.

1. New and interestingly rich content
2. Images

All bloggers know that number 1 is compulsory but not all bloggers utilize number 2. To be sincere, I can't read a content more than 100+ words without images because it'll be very boring.  As a matter of fact I hardly read the ones with few images. For example, a blogger posted;
A very catchy blog title but when clicked on it, I only saw a rich content wasted due to lack of images - how do you expect your readers to understand you? And I hope you know that the more your readers get frustrated, the more they'll hate to visit your blog thereby decreasing your Page views.

Actually, I wanted you to see the importance of images to your blog posts. My main point here is that it's necessary for every mobile blogger to have a Photo Editor app on the smartphone you use for blogging. The best photo editor that I'll recommend for you is Picsart. Picsart enables you to customize your images to your taste.

There's one special thing I like about this app apart from its normal image editing feature is that whenever I download images from the internet, sometimes the images won't show because of the image format e.g .aspx all I have to do is just Save the image and the image format will automatically change to .jpg
Not all photo editor apps can do this, believe me.

Other features:
*PicsArt transforms your smartphone pictures into works of art
*Their app allows you to create artwork from photos with a functionality close to what you get on expensive professional tools like Photoshop. But PicsArt is free and requires no instructions or training.
Check out more Features and Download HERE

5. Blogger/Wordpress

Blogger app:-

Finally, there's no how you want to blog on your smartphone with these apps. The Blogger app is for bloggers on Blogger platform while Wordpress is for bloggers on Wordpress platform. I'm on Blogger platform so I make use of Blogger app which I find easy and convenient to Publish and Save my posts.

Other Features (Blogger app):
* Compose a post that you can save to draft or immediately publish
* Edit existing posts
* View list of your saved and
published posts
* Switch account/blog if you have more than one
* Embed an image from the gallery, or, by taking a picture directly from the app
* Add labels to your posts
* Add location information
Check out more Features and Download HERE

Wordpress app:-

WordPress for Android puts the power of publishing in your hands, making it easy to create and consume content. Write, edit, and publish posts to your wordpress site, check stats, and get inspired with great posts in the Reader.

Other features (Wordpress app):
* Refresh button has been replaced by a pull to refresh gesture.
* Stats have been optimized to load and scroll faster than ever before.
* Posts and Pages now support infinite scroll.
* Media upgrades let you see
content faster and scroll more
* Better post editor, uses less of your device's memory when adding
media to a post.
Check out more Features and Download HERE

Drop your comments if you have any question.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


HTC to M8, Samsung to Galaxy S5 - Tecno has also announced it's new Android Smartphone in April. Tecno has listened to it's consumers critics and I guess they've made some adjustment.

This new Android smartphone stands out among other previous Tecno smartphones. It's fully packed with more powerful
features and display to satisfy their consumers need. In case you're not aware, this is the first Tecno a 2GB RAM smartphone and a Gorilla glass enabled device. It's codenamed Tecno R7. I call it CR7 cos it's unique.

This phone also comes with a 1.5GHZ six core processor, 13MP and 8MP back and front cameras respectively. With the 240LM flashlight taking pictures at night will be Super Cool.

Check out:
         - Why Tecno Is Nigerians Best Android Smartphone

See full specifications of Tecno R7:


2G Network: GSM 900/1800
3G Network: Yes, HSDPA 2100
4G Network: No
SIM: Dual Mini SIM


Body Size: -
Weight: -
Keyboard: Touchscreen device
Body Colors: White, Black
Cover: Plastic


Screen Type: HD Gorilla glass
capacitive touchscreen (Anti-scratch) with 256,000 colors
Screen Size: 5.5 inches, 800x1200 pixels resolution, 272 ppi (pixels per inch) density.


OS: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Internal Memory: 8GB
Card Slot: MicroSD, expandable up to 32GB
Processors: 1.5GHz hexa-core CPU, MediaTek MT8389 chipset


Loudspeaker: Yes
Alert Type: MP3 ringtones, Vibration
Audio Port: 3.5mm jack


2G: GPRS - 85.6kbps, EDGE -
3G: Downlink - 22.2Mbps, Uplink - 5.76Mbps
4G: no
WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Mobile
HotSpot, WiFi Direct
Bluetooth: Yes, version 3.0
USB: MicroUSB port, version 2.0


Primary (Back): 13.0 Mega-pixels, Face and smile detection, 240LM LED flash, 2592x1944 pixel picture
Secondary (Front): 8.0 Mega-pixels, 1600x1200 pixel picture quality.
Video Quality: 720pixels at 30 frames per second.


Capacity: 2430mAh Li-ion battery
Standby: 500 hours
Talk time: 8 hours
Music play: -


Sensors: Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity, Ambient light sensor
Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, Push Mail, Instant Messaging
Browser: HTML5
Java: No
Video formats: MP4, MPEG4, H.263, H.264
Music formats: MP3, WAV, eAAC+, AC3, FLACC


- Predictive Text
- Document Viewer
- FM Radio
- Image viewer
- Voice command
- Youtube, Whatsapp, Gmail,
Calendar, UC Browser, Google talk,
Calendar, Google Search


The price of the Tecno R7 has not been made public yet, but rumour has it that it would be slightly cheaper than the just released Samsung Galaxy s5. If Galaxy S5 cost #110,000 that's Tecno R7 cost within #50,000 - #100,000.

Faster gaming experience, Super Cool Camera pictures and Anti-Scratch screen. First of its kind from TECNO.

Monday, 14 April 2014


The Blackberry era has come and gone, almost everyone is dancing  to a different tune of music which has been the advent of Android Smartphones.

Though not that there was no Android device previously but I guess it was considered not pocket-friendly to most Nigerians. That's where the chinese company comes into the scene, Tecno Android Smartphones. No doubt that Tecno was the turning point for all nigerians to own a smartphone.

If you could remember back then when ladies use Nokia phones including the so called 'Torchlight Phones', they always try to hide it in their bags when going to occasions. But if they had a BB that's when you'll see them flaunting it at every instance as if they are Blackberry Ambassadors and pretending to be pinging even though they don't have BIS.

Without further ado, I'll be discussing with you the reason why Tecno is still the highest selling Smartphone this year and why you should consider getting one.


There's no doubt that Tecno brand of Android Phones is the cheapest in the Nigeria Phone Market. You don't  expect me to waste #5,500 on Nokia X (Nokia owns Android phone) worth #19,500 instead of buying Tecno L3 worth #14,000. These two Phones have virtually similar Specs; 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM, Android Jellybean OS with L3 even having higher battery life of 2400mAh compared to 1500mAh of Nokia X.
A friend of mine on facebook, Samuel Ogunlade once said "Why do Nigerians consider price of phones rather than the specs? ".
Why waste excess on similar quality whereas you can get it cheaper?


There's nothing more relieving than having a problem and getting a reliable and lasting solution to it. Last year a close friend of mine (Hakeem Yusuf) bought Tecno P3 from Etisalat Store at Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere. Due to the fact that he was not used to Touchscreen phones, he accidentally broke the screen of the phone. I was like 'Ha! Hakeem you're too clumsy, what are you going to do now? ' After two days, he got a new screen from Tecno Office at ikeja - he was covered (12 months warranty). I was so convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that I'll buy a Tecno Android.
Why worry about faults on your Tecno phone when there's customer service you can rely on?

3. NOT 1 BUT 2 SIM:

The most compelling reason why I find Tecno Android phones handy is because of the Dual sim feature. I'm a blogger an I engage into different online and offline business which you don't expect me to rely on only network for my transactions. If one network is not active the other one will surely function. The flexibility of using two Sims makes it cool. You're always in control switching your network whenever anyone fails to satisfy your browsing need. Moreover, why do I need an Android phone in the first place?

Finally, though Tecno also has it's own negative side just like every other brand of Smartphones which
Nosa Ero Nosa reveals the Flaws of Tecno Android Phones
I don't see any reason why Tecno will launch similar phones without any noticeable advancement from the previous ones. Take an instance, what's the difference between Tecno P5 and H5? Anyways, I'm not too surprised because Nokia is also guilty of it in thier own era.

If you consider to buy a Tecno Android phone, check out the List Of Tecno Phones /& Their Prices
by Jide Ogunsanya. Now, let's kmow your say about Tecno, which Tecno Android Phone are you using now OR which one do you wish to buy?

Thanks for sharing your views...

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Saturday, 5 April 2014


After the Microsoft BUILD Conference held on wednesday, Microsoft unveiled it's WP8.1 Update. Whereby it brings lot of cool features to the Operating System. The tech company also made us to know that with the WP8.1, users can now buy an app once and use it on both WP8.1 smartphones and Windows 8.1 Desktop.
Check out:
         - Features Of WP8.1 On Lumia Cyan

This new feature is only applicable to apps purchased while running Windows Phone 8.1 and won't be applicable to apps bought before the new API is in place.

Microsoft want it's app developers to make their apps compatible both on Mobile and Desktop device. To lay more emphasis, the app developers have to code their application as an "universal app" for this  feature to work.  This requires that developers should be able to create their app once and should be automatically compatible on both the Deskstop and Mobile Windows devices.


Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5 just continues to interest me day-by-day. As there's report that Samsung has expanded its Galaxy S5 lineup with the addition of a dual-SIM version.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 dual-SIM has a model designation
G9009D and is just launching on China Telecom. The price of the smartphone is CNY5,299 ($850) and will launch alongside the other variants on April 11. It comes with support for CDMA2000 on one of its SIM slots and GSM on the other, but no LTE radio. It weighs about 1.5g, has Snapdragon 801 chipset through the 5.1" 1080p Super AMOLED screen to the 16MP camera, IP67 certification and 8.1mm waistline.
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         - Pre-order For Samsung Galaxy S5 And Get HTC One M8 At No Cost

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S5 G9009D is only available to China Telecom subscribers as at  the time of this report and there's no official saying that it's going to be available for other countries.



According to reports from a reliable source Sony have released an unlocked version of it's flagship, Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone that fully supports US LTE networks on both T-Mobile and AT&T's networks. Reports also confirms that the unlock Z1should also work just fine on Canadian LTE networks apart from US LTE Networks.
Check out:
         - Sony Xperia M Gets
Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update

The Sony high-end specs smartphone is said to cost about $620 which is approximately a whooping sum of #99,200 (not up to the cost of Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-order price of #110,000).

The fact that Sony is offering the phone unlocked, however, is indicative of a trend that the company has been making recently towards openness.They've released the code for the software kernels on previous phones, making it easier for Android tinkerers to play around with their devices and customize them as they see fit. It is a good move by Sony for their consumers. So if you want the Sony Xperia Z1, but don't want to sign a contract? No Problemo...



Friday, 4 April 2014


Microsoft is going to launch Windows phone 8.1 update on all smartphones running Windows Phone 8 and will also bring Action Center, Cortana voice assistant, World Flow keyboard, better Live Tiles with custom wallpapers and more. As we all know that on wednesday Microsoft  announced the Windows Phone 8.1 update at the BUILD Conference.

The Nokia Lumia 930 , 630 and 635 are the first devices that will run on Windows Phone 8.1 plus Lumia Cyan (Lumia 1520) out of the box. Nokia has announced both updates are coming this summer to the entire Windows Phone 8 Lumia lineup.

Nokia Cyan will enable Miracast on Lumia 1520, Icon and Lumia 930. It will also allow those Lumia devices to capture Dolby Surround Sound. Again, Lumia Cyan will bring "enhancements to the camera roll and Creative Studio, as well as a new and improved Nokia Storyteller app, for sharing stories as a video slideshow on social networks".




The Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to be unveiled with the Zoom K. This is similar to when S4 was launched last year alongside with the Zoom SM-C115. As I've mentioned earlier the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom will be called the Galaxy Zoom K.

The 20MP camera device photo was leaked today which runs on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Just as previously reported the zoom lens really doesn't protrude from the back panel when not in use, which should help loads with using the device as a phone. There's also a Xenon flash and the leather-like texture on the back which I consider a nice feature to watch out for. The inscription on the lens also confirms the 10x zoom covering the 24-240mm range in 35mm equivalent. In the same vein, according to our source the device has a 4.8" 720p display and Samsung's TouchWiz UI. Either a quad-core 1.6 GHz chip or the new Exynos hexa-core with two Cortex-A15 and four Cortex-A7 cores.




There's no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most talked about phone in 2014. In less than a week the highly anticipated smartphone will be unveiled. AT & T, Sprint and T - Mobile have already made pre-order of the device available to their customers. Now, we hear that Verizon is offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 on pre-order.

According to reports, the smartphone device will cost you $199.99 on a two-year deal, $599.99 sans commitment or for $25.55 monthly with Verizon Edge. If the likes of AT & T, T - Mobile and Sprint are already in the competition, what makes Verizon different? What makes it interesting is that, when purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the carrier's (Verizon) 2 year deal you can also get another phone for no  cost (so far as you sign another 2 year deal).

The second phones can either
be another Samsung Galaxy S5, the freshly-announced ATIV SE or HTC One (M8). This simply means you can get a Samsung Galaxy S5 and still stand a chance to own the new HTC One M8.

The Galaxy S5 is expected to be available on the 11th of April in the US. You might also want to consider a pre-order for the device because over the years there have been devices that ship a day or two early so you might get a bit lucky if you order now.



Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Samsung has officially announced Galaxy Tab 4 series. With the new slates Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 series has thinner bezels and lighter weight than the Galaxy Tab 3 series with more graphics and features to share. The Galaxy Tab 4 series consists of three devices namely;

- Galaxy Tab 4 7.0,
- Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 and
- Galaxy Tab 4 10.1.

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What Are The Specifications?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

The Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 has a display of 7-inch with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The tab is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor along with 1.5 GB of RAM. This the smallest Galaxy Tab 4 model that features 3 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front facing sensor and 8 or 16 GB of internal memory with the ability to expand it via microSD card. The tablet measures 107.9x186.9x9mm and weighs 276g. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 will be available in LTE and Wi-Fi-only.variants and run on Android 4.4 KitKat.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0.

It has an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Similar to the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, it features a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, 3 MP rear facing camera, 1.3 MP front camera and 16 GB of inbuilt storage that can be expanded up to 64GB via the microSD card slot. The Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 measures 124 x 210 x 7.95mm and weighs 320 grams. The connectivity includes Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0. The slate will be up for grabs in Wi-Fi / 3G or LTE option. It also runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and packs a 4,450mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

The Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 is the biggest among the three tabs with a 10.1-inch display, but retains the same 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. It is also powered by a similar 1.2 GHz quad- core processor and 1.5 GB of RAM. The camera sensors too remains the same to the other two. There is 16 GB of internal memory in the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 and you can expand it up to 64 GB via the microSD card. The Tab 4 10.1 measures 243.4 x 176.4 x
7.95mm and weighs about 487
grams. It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and the juice for it is provided by a 6,800mAh battery. You can choose from the Wi-Fi/3G and LTE options.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 series will be available in Black and White colours. Though there's no info on the price of the device yet.

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