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2013 NECO result has been fully
uploaded online, and it can be
access from the council’s result
checking portal.
69.6% Candidates Get Credit in this
Year Neco June/July 2013 SSCE.
AFTER three years of consecutive
mass failure at Senior School
Certificate Examination (SSCE),
National Examinations Council
(NECO) Thursday announced that
69.57 per cent candidates have five
credits and above in the just
concluded June/July 2013 SSCE.
Making the announcement in
Minna, Niger State, the Registrar
and the Chief Executive of the
Council, Prof. Promise Okpala said
681,507 candidates representing
66.63 per cent made credit pass and
above in English Language while
668,314 candidates or 65.50 per
cent recorded same in Mathematics.
Giving a brief breakdown of the
result, he said in Biology, 66.88 per
cent have credit and above, 66.68
per cent of the candidates that
wrote Physics and 66.41 per cent
Chemistry candidates equally made
credit pass and above.
The NECO boss also said of the
1,034,263 candidates that sat for
the examination out of which 128
are blind, 998,624 or 96.55 per cent
made five passes and above.
The elated NECO registrar also said
that low percentage of the
candidates was involved in
examination malpractice.
Giving a comparative analysis of
students’ performance in the last
three years, Okpala said the council
witnessed “rises in performance
from 15.84 per cent in 2011 through
51.66 per cent last year to this
year’s 69.57 per cent”.
He attributed the improved
performance on resolve by the
federal and states governments as
well as other stakeholders to
improve the quality of teaching and
learning in the country. Okpala
described the improved
performances over the years as
“empirical indications that the
efforts of the President and the
Ministry of Education are yielding
positive results.”
Steps to Check 2013 June/July NECO
1.Go to NECO result checking portal HERE
2.Select year Examination Type
3.Select year of examination
4.Enter your card PIN number
5.Enter your Examination Number.


Tiwa Savage vagina was exposed while she was performing on stage. I know by now she might have seen this online. I'm your number fan miss tiwa, please try and be more careful next time.


The Hausa service of the British
Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has
reported that a new video of Boko
Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau
has surfaced.
Shekau, who was declared dead by
the Nigerian JTF, is reported to have
posted the video to nullify the claim
after several weeks of lying low.
In August, the spokesperson of the
Force, Lt. Col. Sagir Musa released a
statement which said “intelligence
report available to the Joint Task
Force Operation RESTORE ORDER
revealed that Abubakar Shekau, the
most dreaded and wanted Boko
Haram Terrorists leader may have
He added that Shekau “died of
gunshot wound received in an
encounter with the JTF troops in one
of their camps at Sambisa Forest on
30 June 2013. Shekau was mortally
wounded in the encounter and was
sneaked into Amitchide – a border
community in Cameroun for
treatment which he never recovered.
It is greatly believed that Shekau
might have died between 25 July to
3 August, 2013”.
However, in a tweet sent via their
official twitter handle (@BBCHausa)
the news agency claimed “the leader
of jama’atu ahlussunnah lidd’awati
wal jihad also known as Boko Haram,
Abubakar Shekau, has released a
new video , where he has declared
that he is alive”.


Okay, so Where would some of us
be without spell check? The sometimes annoying, but frankly indispensable computer aid has spared billions of typographical errors.
Now, an ingenious prototype pen
developed by a German start-up
is promising to give our longhand
writing a similar sort of safety
Lernstift (German for "learning
pen" is a digital pen with a
difference, carrying not only ink
inside its casing but also a tiny
computer that alerts users to
spelling errors.
Daniel Kaesmacher, co-founder of Lernstift said: "Basically there are two functions. The calligraphy
mode which helps you correct
individual letters, and the
orthography mode which vibrates
when a word is misspelled."
Hmmm, when this kind of pens gets to 9ja... lolzzzzzzzzzzzz, 'I smell a rat'. What do you think it'll do for you when you have a lernstift pen?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Here are a few important features you
should know about in iOS 7:
Added security
You don't need the fingerprint scanner in
the iPhone 5S to have a secure device. It's
recommend that iPhone, iPad, and iPod
Touch users utilize Apple's Passcode feature.
This can be enabled by going to Settings,
followed by General, and selecting Passcode
From this window you can lock your device
with a password or PIN, in addition to
enabling certain actions, such as using Siri
or replying to a text message, while the
device is locked. There are a number of
options available to you when you set up the
Passcode feature; for example, you can set
the device to lock immediately after the
screen is shut off, or delay the feature from
going into effect for up to 4 hours.
You also have the ability to program your
device to automatically erase all of your
personal information after someone attempts
(and fails) to unlock your phone. This feature
can be found at the bottom of the Passcode
Lock settings under the "Erase Data" option.

Improved Siri
We already told you about some of Siri's new
abilities, including pulling information from
places like Wikipedia and Twitter, controlling
system settings, and the ability to change
Siri's gender , but that's not all Apple's voice
assistant can do. Siri can also help you
listen to a voice mail or be used to return a
missed phone call. To do this, simply open
Siri with a long press on the home button
and ask your request.
Apple Maps
The release of Apple Maps isn't something
Apple would want to relive. The widely
panned app was buggy and inaccurate,
among other complaints, when it launched
last year as part of iOS 6. With Google Maps
gaining popularity across iOS, Apple has
continued to improve its in-house mapping
A small change you will notice in Apple
Maps for iOS 7 is a new Night Mode that is
automatically enabled after the sun sets. The
feature, which is present in the turn-by-turn
navigation window, displays a darker gray
background in place of the traditional bright
Along with support for new gestures , Apple's
Mail app received a small and greatly
appreciated new feature in iOS 7. A common
complaint among iPhone and iPad users
revolved around notifications that could
quickly build up and become an eyesore. A
simple change by Apple has all but resolved
this issue, though.
All e-mails inside of the Mail app can now
be flagged, or marked as read or unread in a
few simple steps. To do this, click on the
"Edit" button at the top right-hand side of
the screen, followed by the "Mark All" option
in the lower left-hand corner. A popup
window will then appear that will give you
the option to either Flag e-mails or mark
them all as Read or Unread.
Drop your comments below if you're an iOS 7 user.


Follow these steps below:
Step one: See your profile as others see it
Once you know how forthcoming your current
Facebook setup is, you can decide what
changes you need to make to your share
settings. To view your account as others view
it, sign into your account, choose the gear
icon in the top-right corner, click Privacy
Settings, and select Timeline and Tagging in
the left pane.
Next, click View As to the right of "Review
what other people see on your timeline" in
the "Who can see things on my timeline?"
section. Click Okay to close the pop-up
window, if necessary. Your timeline will then
appear as the public sees it.
If you've limited access to your timeline to
friends only, the public will see only your
profile and cover photos, a link for contacting
you (which you can limit to friends of
friends), the people you're following, and the
groups you belong to. To view your profile as
a particular person sees it, click View as
Specific Person at the top of the window and
enter the person's name.
To change who can view your timeline, return
to Facebook's Timeline and Tagging settings
and click Edit to the right of "Who can see
posts you've been tagged in on your
timeline?" and "Who can see what others
post on your timeline?" Make your selections
for each setting on their drop-down menus
and then click Close.
Step two: Make sure you're browsing securely.
Last month Facebook made secure browsing
the default for all users. To ensure you're
using a secure connection whenever one is
available, click Security in the left pane of
Facebook's Account Settings and make sure
Secure Browsing is enabled.
The security settings also let you enable log-
in notifications and approvals, and view and
edit your recognized devices and active
sessions. To remove a device, click Edit to
the right and then Remove next to the
device's entry. Likewise, to end one or all
active Facebook sessions, click Edit to the
right of Active Sessions and choose End
Activity or End All Activity, respectively.
Step three: Limit access to you and your
Facebook stuff
To restrict access to your past and future
Facebook posts, click Privacy in the left pane
of the Account Settings. Then choose Limit
Past Posts under "Who can see my posts?"
and Edit to the right of "Who can see your
future posts?" in the same section. A
warning appears when you attempt to limit
access to all your past posts at once rather
than changing the setting post-by-post.
The options under "Who can contact me?" let
you limit friend requests and filter the
messages you receive. You can also restrict
who can look you up by e-mail address and
phone number, who can look up your
timeline by name, and whether your timeline
will link to search engines.
Step four: Tame your timeline and tags
You've already determined who can view your
timeline (see step one), but you can also
block friends from adding to your timeline
and review photos someone attempts to tag
you in via the Timeline and Tagging Settings.
The only two options for "Who can post to my
timeline?" under "Who can add things to my
timeline?" are Friends and Only Me. To
enable review of posts your tagged in before
they appear on your timeline, click Edit to
the right of the entry and select Enable in
the drop-down menu.
Under "How can I manage tags people add
and tagging suggestions?" you can enable
the feature that allows you to review tags
people add to your own posts before they
appear, set who besides the normal audience
sees the posts you're tagged in, and decide
whether tag suggestions appear when photos
that look like you are uploaded.
Step five: Don't let your apps run amok
Some Facebook apps grab all the permissions
they can, including access to your
information and the ability to post photos
and status updates "on your behalf." For
example, the IFTTT app lays claim to your
complete profile and all your activities, as
well as some of the profile and activities of
your friends.
To review your Facebook app permissions,
click Apps in the left pane of the Account
Settings window, choose Edit to the right of
the app's entry, and either change the app's
visibility via the drop-down menu, or click
"Remove app" at the bottom of the entry.
You can also click "Report app" to let
Facebook know the app is spam,
inappropriate, or requesting too much
information, or to contact the developer to
report a bug or abusive content, or for
another reason.
To prevent other Facebook users from
volunteering your information to the
Facebook apps they use, click Edit to the
right of "Apps others use," uncheck the
categories of information listed, and click
Save Changes.
Step six: Opt out of Facebook ads
Facebook currently doesn't let third-party
apps or ad networks use your image or name
in ads, but that may change in the future.
To opt out ahead of time, click Ads in the
left pane of the Account Settings window and
choose Edit in the Third Party Sites section.
Select "No one" in the drop-down menu
under "If we allow this in the future, show
my information to" and then click Save
To exclude yourself from Facebook's social
ads, click Edit in the Ads & Friends section,
choose "No one" on the drop-down menu
next to "Pair my social actions with ads for,"
and select Save Changes.


2face & Annie Idibia are expecting
their second child together. Pregnant Annie was
spotted at the 2face Peace Awards
which held at the Nicon Luxury
Hotel Abuja last Saturday
September 21. Annie is said to be
about 5 months pregnant. Big
congrats to them.


As Nigeria marks another year of
independence, join young
Nigerians as they present
innovative concepts that can move
the country forward. Join The
Innovation Challenge and stand a
chance to win N5million
We regard an innovative concept
as a developed idea, product or
service that provides new value
and has the potential to solve a
social or economic challenge. Join
the contest: Visit -
While entrepreneurship is credited
as a critical driver of economic
growth, recent industry studies
reveal that 65% of start-ups in
Nigeria die within the first 3 years,
no thanks to the country’s current
131st position in the global ease-
of-doing business ranking. A
position attributable to the poor
quality of infrastructure in the
This dire situation has increased
the need for aspiring and
established entrepreneurs to
employ innovation as a vital tool
for business success and socio-
economic impact.
The Innovation Challenge is a
uniquely designed contest aimed
at promoting and rewarding
innovation. The Innovation
Challenge is organised by iQube
and supported by Ciuci
Consulting, CNBC Africa and other
strategic partners.
Objective of “The Innovation
To provide a platform for the
Nigerian youth to present
innovative concepts that can
provide significant economic and
social impact
To promote innovation and ‘out-
the-box’ thinking among young
To reward innovation challenge
participants with prices worth
For further information, visit


Three winners emerged from the
2Face Peace Awards which held on
Saturday, Sept. 21 2013 (World
Peace Day) at the Nicon Luxury
Hotel Abuja. They received N1
million each to use in furthering
the various peace causes they
have been involved in.
The Awards kicked off the Million
Voices for Peace campaign being
run by the 2Face Idibia Reachout
Foundation. The winners were
selected from a pool of young
people aged between 18 to 35
whose initiatives helped in
promoting peace in their areas for
at least 18 months.
The winners were: Kyenpiya Jessica
Makan-Nyabam of the CLAPAI
(ChildLove And Protection Advocacy
Initiative) Orphanage, Jos. CLAPAI
was set up in 2006 by Kyenpiya
and her husband, Emmanuel, an
ex-professional footballer, to cater
for children orphaned, affected or
infected by
HIV/AIDS. They also care for
children outside the orphanage
and Emmanuel uses sports to
engage the older youth in the
community to foster peace.


The report that Funke Akindele was
getting ready to launch her own
perfume line called Jenifa went
viral online a few weeks back. But
according to the award winning
actress, there's no such thing. She
recently dissociated herself from
the perfume line, telling
Encomium magazine:
"That's not true. I'm not
aware of anything like Jenifa
perfume. I'm not launching
any perfume. I don't know
anything about it"


A functional version of Apple's iMessage has
arrived on Google's Android platform, though
not with Apple's blessing, or without
potential security risks.
The software is called iMessage Chat and was
created by developer Daniel Zweigart. Users
enter their Apple ID and password
credentials and can text with registered
iMessage phone numbers and e-mail
addresses freely and it works fine.
Per iOS developer Adam Bell, the service
appears to be tricking Apple's iMessage
server into thinking it's a Mac Mini -- Apple's
entry level Mac desktop -- in order to send
and receive the messages. Jay Freeman, the
creator of the third-party App Store
alternative Cydia believes the app is piping
the data through Chinese servers as well.
"This not only means that Apple can't just
block them by IP address, but also that they
get to keep the 'secret sauce' on their
servers," Freeman wrote in a post on Google
To that end, users should not install this
software or offer their Apple ID account
Apple introduced iMessage alongside iOS 5
in 2011. The messaging service lets users on
iOS devices and Macs chat with one another
like they would send a text message. The
service is not tied to any carriers and has
been designed to work on non-cellular
devices like Wi-Fi-only iPods and iPads.
The protocol has remained exclusive to Apple
devices since its debut, and served as way to
keep users locked into Apple's ecosystem of
devices. BlackBerry used a similar tactic with
its BBM service, which was set to arrive on
iOS and Android devices this past weekend,
but now faces a delay .


This is a message from the ASUU president. It doesn't look as if their ready to call of the strike.

Dear Comrades, As the struggle to save Nigerian University system is being pursued, I'll like to salute
all our members for their resoluteness in ensuring
that the 2009 ASUU/Government
Agreement is implemented in
accordance with the Roadmap
defined by the 2012 MoU. We
believe very strongly that the rot
and decay in the University System
is not only arrestable but also
reversible. We believe even more
strongly that, the key to turning
round the University System lies in
the sincere implementation of the
What government has so far been
doing is no more than a repeat
performance of a one-act-play: all
the deceptions, propaganda, lies,
mischiefs and such other
Shenanigans were tried by previous
Governments, including Military
Juntas, but our resolve to save the
University System and our Country
remained unwaivered. We will
continue to carry the banner of this
struggle to its logical conclusion. I
urge all our members to maintain
the spirit of camaraderie and remain
firmly resolute in ensuring that our
patriotic struggle succeeds. United
we Bargain, Divided we Beg!

The students are tired of staying at home. Or what do you think?


To make free calls on MTN, follow the steps below...
Step 1:- pick your phone and dial
e.g *789*07063√√√√√√#
You'll recieve a 'thank you' message,
then just click back and
wait, you'll receive a call from the reciepent you
put above.
Step 2:- make sure you
pick up the call immediately, you pick up the call then the reciepent
number wil start ringing wherever he or she is.
Note: it only works on MTN2MTN.
Give it try before it's blocked, and drop any problem you encountered in the process below.


Just follow the below steps
Step 1:- Dial *#*#info#*#* on your
android smart phone i.e
this will bring out
hidden android menu that you
probably never did know
Step 2:- Go to the first item
which is phone information
Step 3:- Scroll down to the
bottom. At the bottom you will see a
setting like "toggle dns
check not allowed"
Step 4:- Just tap the toggle dns
once to allow i.e after you tap
it once it will become "toggle
dns check: allowed"
Step 5:- Press back and exit. The edge
or 3G symbol should
appear immediately after the
procedures on your android
If it doesn't immediately, try
toggling airplane mode on
and off. And it should appear.
I hope this has really helped the android users here?


Airtel Nigeria has
partnered with Nokia to provide
Nigerians a rare opportunity to
own smartphone devices by making
it possible for them to exchange
any of their current handsets for
the Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone.
To exchange your old phone for
the Lumia 520, you will need to
visit any of Airtel shops with your
old but functional phone of any
given brand and network, then pay
an exchange fee of N23,990.
If you embrace the offer, you will
get up to N10, 000 worth of value
for exchanging your old mobile
phone for the new Lumia 520 as
you stand to enjoy 6 months free
airtime for on net calls and data
worth N6, 000.
In addition, you will also enjoy the
device value discount worth more
than N4, 000, based on the
current market retail value of N28,
000 for the Lumia 520.
What do you think about this offer?


I was speechless when I saw this online... #Government should please intervene in this ASUU strike...

Please drop your comments...


Just follow the below steps
Step 1: Insert Airtel Sim to any
phone, Mmake sure you are on Airtel Club
Step 2: Load N100 card, wait until they give you 15MB.
Step 3: Then send "BYC3" to 440 they will reply you with, "Dear
subscriber, you have sent an
Ignore the message...
check your dataplan by dailing *141*712*0#
And you will see 800MB. Repeat the process and you'll be given another 800MB.
Note: this process can only work twice...
If you encountered any problem, feel free to drop your comments..


Note: It can only be done on 3G or 4G
modem (for better result).
Insert your airtel SIM into your modem and connect It with your PC.
After it must have initialized,
Navigate to the Message Module and
text "3G" to "141".
You will get this message
'Congratulations you have
recieved free 200MB, Enjoy
That's it, you are done.
Dial *123*10# to check your data plan balance.
Note: It only works once on any airtel SIM and Its only works if
you use airtel modem..
#Enjoy.... please remember to drop your comments...


Carefully configure the following settings below on your phone...
Port:- 80
APN:- etisalat
Password & Username:- wap Homepage:- anything

Now launch any Operamini
browser, uc browser or any
other browser and surf with it
while it last.
Note:- change your Network protocol
on Opera to Http for
beta speed.
How To I Use It On PC.
==>Open your firefox
==>Go to options
==>Click on settings
==>Manual configuration and
enter the ip and port same as
above.You can equally configure it
with your internet download
manager.For speedy download, If it
is slow. If you have a modem,
configure your modem and it will
carry all applications...
Compiled by my close friend, Evidowskey.
Drop your comments...

Monday, 23 September 2013


announced Monday it has agreed to
a $4.7 billion buyout by a
consortium of investors who plan to
take the struggling Canadian
smartphone maker private.
The company said in a statement
that it has “signed a letter of intent
agreement under which a consortium
to be led by Fairfax Financial
Holdings Limited has offered to
acquire the company subject to due
Fairfax, a Canadian firm headed by
billionaire Prem Watsa, is already
BlackBerry’s largest shareholder with
approximately 10 percent of its
shares. Watsa resigned from
BlackBerry’s board when it
announced in August its intentions
to search for a suitor.
Under the proposed deal the
consortium would offer $9 for each
outstanding share, and Fairfax would
contribute its own shares in the
BlackBerry said its board of directors
support the plan.
A firm deal, once due diligence is
completed, is expected to be
announced by November 4. It hinges
also on the consortium obtaining
BlackBerry said it would continue a
search for a possibly better suitor in
the interim.
BlackBerry stock was down six
percent to $8.23 before trading was
halted just prior to its
announcement. Its shares climbed
back up to $9.07 in afternoon
Analysts meanwhile reacted with
measured optimism.
“This is probably the best possible
outcome of several unattractive
options for BlackBerry,” said analyst
Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates.
While BlackBerry helped create a
culture of mobile users who were
glued to the company’s
smartphones, many of those
customers have since moved to
Apple iPhones or other device
makers such as Samsung, mainly
using Android.
According to International Data
Corporation (IDC), BlackBerry’s global
market share had slipped to 3.7
percent in the second quarter, the
lowest since tracking began, while
Android accounted for nearly 80
The company formerly known as
Research In Motion

unveiled a new
corporate name and a new platform
in January as it sought to regain
momentum, but its most recent
numbers suggest this has been a
spectacular failure.
On Friday, the company announced
it was laying off 4,500 staff or one-
third of its global workforce after a
dismal launch of new smartphones
earlier this year that were meant to
revive BlackBerry.
It also said it expected to post a
nearly $1 billion loss in the second
quarter due to writedowns linked to
poor sales of its new Z10
touchscreen smartphone, a device
aimed specifically at competing
against Apple and Android devices.
Gold and other analysts said going
private — and possibly returning
company founder Mike Lazaridis at
the helm, as has been rumored —
would give the company breathing
room to “put the house in order.”
Going forward, BlackBerry would be a
much smaller player in handheld
devices, but “being private would
mean that Wall Street is not
continuously breathing down their
neck,” said Gold.
Furthermore, its key enterprise
customers may not feel as compelled
to replace their BlackBerry
smartphones and servers for fear
that the company is going out of
“It could provide them with cover to
re-architect the company even more
than they are now,” said Gold.
The company’s sustainability,
however, still remains in doubt for
Drop your comments below...


Yesterday, the owner of BBM Andrew Bocking, had this to say about the unrelease of BBM for Android and iphone users.

"Last week, an unreleased, older
version of the BBM for Android app
was posted on numerous file sharing
sites. We were aware of an issue
with this unreleased version of the
BBM for Android app. This older
version resulted in volumes of data
traffic orders of magnitude higher
than normal for each active user and
impacted the system in abnormal
ways. The version we were planning
to release on Saturday addressed
these issues, however we could not
block users of the unreleased
version if we went ahead with the
We attempted to address the
problems caused by the unreleased
version throughout the day on
Saturday, but as active users of the
unreleased app neared a million –
and accelerated – it became clear
that the only way to address the
issue was to pause the rollout for
both Android and iPhone.
The team is now focused on
adjusting the system to completely
block this unreleased version of the
Android app when we go live with
the official BBM for Android app. We
are also making sure that the system
is reinforced to handle this kind of
scenario in the future. While this
may sound like a simple task – it’s
not. This will take some time and I
do not anticipate launching this
Thank you for your patience while
we take the time needed to deliver
the experience you expect from
We will continue to provide
you with updates here and through
@BaleTunde on Twitter. We will notify
everyone when it's has been released.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Applicants are invited for
admission into Remedial programme
of the Umaru Musa Yar’adua
Katsina for the 2013/2014 academic
Programme Duration –1 Year.
Admission Requirements
For admission into the Remedial
programme candidates must possess
at least two (2) credits and three (3)
passes in relevant ‘O’ level subjects.
Candidates awaiting WAEC/NECO/
NABTEB or any other ‘O’ level
examination results may also apply.
Method of Application
Application forms for the programme
can be obtained from Mainstreet
Bank Limited on the payment of a
non-refundable fee ofN1,100.00 (One
Thousand One Hundred Naira) only.
Candidates are to download the
Application Form and complete after
which they submit it along with the
You can download the application
form for filling by visiting
Details of the Bank Account is as
Account Name -UMYU Remedial
Bank Name -Mainstreet Bank
Limited, Katsina Branch
Account Number -7100012145
Submission of Application Forms
Completed application forms should
be forwarded to the Office of the
Registrar, Umaru Musa Yar'adua
University, Katsina.


Results of the University of Uyo
2013/14 Post UTME screening
exercise conducted between the
10th to 14th of September has be
released online for checking.
Therefore candidates who sat for the
2013/14 Post UTME screening test
are hereby informed that the the
portal for checking is open.
To access this result, concerned
candidates are to visit the UNIUYO
POST UTME Portal at:
HERE with their JAMB
registration number and the same
pin used in registering online for
your Post-UTME.


Hope of an early resolution of the
strike embarked on by the public
universities lecturers rises as
the Vice-President Namadi Sambo
met with the leadership of the
Academic Staff Union of Universities
in Abuja on Thursday.
The meeting held behind closed
doors had in attendance the
supervising Minister of Education,
Nyesom Wike and the Executive
Secretary of National Universities
Commission, Prof. Julius Okojie.
The union was led by its National
President, Dr. Nasir Faggae, and two
former Presidents of ASUU; Dr. Dipo
Fasina and Dr. Abdullahi Sule-Kano.
Others at the meeting were the
Vice-Chancellors of Bayero University
Kano, Prof. Abdul-rasheed Abubakar;
Prof. Isaac Adewole of the University
of Ibadan; and Prof. Muhammed
Hamisu of the Abubakar Tafawa
Balewa University, Bauchi.

It was however uncertain if
yesterday's discussion was
fruitful as the two parties did not
disclose the outcome of the meeting
which lasted for two hours to
journalists. Fagge, however, told
State House Correspondents that
the union would make its position
known after the National Executive
Council meeting. Wike assured
Nigerians that
students would soon return to
school as government was ready to
make sure all the contending issues
were resolved as soon as possible.
But a source at the meeting, who
pleaded anonymity, however, told
one of our correspondents that
going by the new offers made by the
Federal Government, the strike
might be called off within the next
two weeks.
This, the source said, was because
the Federal Government had agreed
to inject fund to revitalize the
university system. The meeting
went well, the vice-president made
some new offers that were different
from what was on ground before.
For instance, the Federal
Government had agreed to start the
injection of revitalisation fund into
the university system starting with
N100bn this year and N150bn in
2014 and this will continue until
the university system is solid
enough to stand.
The source, however, said that the
ASUU team promised the vice-
president that the union would
make it decision on the strike
known after its NEC meeting
unconfirmed source said had been
scheduled for Saturday.


A 32-year-old driver, Muhammadu
Alabi, has been arraigned before an
Abule-Egba Magistrate’s Court,
Lagos, on a charge of alleged rape of
an eight-year-old daughter of his
The accused lives at 34, Emmanuel
Aina Street, Aboru, Ipaja, Lagos. He,
however, pleaded not guilty.
The prosecutor, Inspector Racheal
Williams, told the court that the
offence was committed at the
residence of the defendant on
September 3.
According to the prosecution, the
accused called the child to his room
to send her on an errand.
Williams said the suspect, however,
raped the child and that her
screaming attracted neighbours, who
then rescued her and reported the
incidence to the police.

The prosecutor said the offence
contravened Section 137 of the
Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.
The Magistrate, Mr. Tajudeen Elias,
granted him bail in the sum of N2
million with two sureties in like
Elias adjourned the case to October
8, for mention.
Only God can save us, the rate of rape is getting too rampant in nigeria.
Drop your comments below.


Governor Babatunde Fashola
of Lagos State, weekend, said more
than N36 billion was spent annually
by Lagos residents in organizing
different social events.
This came as the governor said the
solution to the unemployment crisis
in the country did not require any
foreign idea, saying “the answer is a
Made in Nigeria strategy.”
The governor spoke at the fourth
edition of the
Lagos Ignite Enterprise and
Employability project, a joint youth
empowerment programme between
the government and the Afterschool
Graduate Development Centre,
The event attracted hundreds of
youths, ex-Chief Executive Officer of
the Nigerian Communications
Commission NCC, Dr. Ernest Ndukwe,
Ali Baba among other dignitaries.
Fashola explained that the figure
was collated after a careful study of
social events especially party life in
According to him, “this was the study
of night life carried out by the
government in five local governments
including Agege, Mushin, Ifako-Ijaiye
and Ikeja and another local
government. It showed that more
than N36 billion was spent on 1555
parties held within the period.

“We did a study between October
and November last year, we took just
five local governments in Lagos;
Agege, Mushin, Ifako-Ijaiye, Ikeja and
another one.
“We studied from Thursday, Friday
and Saturday nights, three days
every week for four weeks which was
12 nights.
In 12 nights, 1555 parties were held
in these local governments. In terms
of drinks, food and all other
engagements during such parties,
about N1.2 billion was spent and
when we dis-aggregated them we
saw how much went to DJ, MC, food
and drinks, the total picture in the
state now and I don’t want to give
you a wrong number but it’s
something in the region of about N3
billion monthly on that side of our
life and people are playing and
impacting on that side of our
The governor noted that clothing
materials worn during such parties
popularly called “Aso-ebi” gulped at
least N1.2 billion monthly, saying
the market is huge with much yet to
be tapped from it.”
Hmmmmn, na wa oooooo.... owambe is a like a national budget on its own... lol...
Feel free to drop your comments below.


The Lumia 925 is now available in
Nigeria with 12 months FREE data
from Airtel Nigeria... it was posted on Nokia twitter page this evening...


It's no more news that if you
migrate to the Glo Bounce tariff
plan, you will get free 30MB with
Glo line everytime you recharge
N200 and above. This Glo Bounce
30 megabytes work fine on
computer, phones and tablets. To subscribe to Glo Bounce dial *170*4#.
Firstly, you must migrate
to Glo PAYU (Pay As You Use) and
you must have configured your
internet modem with gloflat
settings. If you want to browse on
PC with Nokia PC suite, you must
also set it up with the gloflat
internet settings.
To migrate to PAYU, text PAYU to
127 with your Glo sim. You will
receive a response if the migration
is successful.
If you have a Glo NetPro or Glo
Bolt modem, you don't need to set
up any configuration on the
modem. Insert the Glo sim into
the modem and connect using the
default profile.
If you are not using a Glo modem,
you will need to create a new
profile on your modem with gloflat
settings. To do this, open your
modem dashboard, click on Tools
then Options under which you
will now select Profile
Under Profile Management, click on
New and fill in the info below:
Profile Name: Glo
APN:  gloflat
Username : :flat
Password : flat
Save the setting and select Glo
from the drop down list to
connect. To check your data plan dial #122#
Drop your comments, if you encountered any problem... #Enjoy...


Blackberry has finally released a
statement on why BBM On android
is not yet official and why it has put
the global roll out on Hold…
Blackberry Claims That The Leaked
BBM Version Were Causing ”Issues”
And Its Team Is Currently Working
On It , It’ld Have To Take A While To
Get Those Issues Fixed..
Here’s What Blackberry Said On
Their Official Website
”Prior to launching BBM for
Android, an unreleased version of
the BBM for Android app was
posted online. The interest and
enthusiasm we have seen already –
more than 1.1 million active users
in the first 8 hours without even
launching the official Android app –
is incredible. Consequently, this
unreleased version caused issues,
which we have attempted to
address throughout the day.
Our teams continue to work
around the clock to bring BBM to
Android and iPhone, but only when
it’s ready and we know it will live
up to your expectations of BBM. We
are pausing the global roll-out of
BBM for Android and iPhone.
Customers who have already
downloaded BBM for iPhone will be
able to continue to use BBM. The
unreleased Android app will be
disabled, and customers who
downloaded it should visit to register for
updates on official BBM for
Android availability.
As soon as we are able, we will
begin a staggered country roll-out
of BBM for Android and continue
the roll-out of BBM for iPhone.”
Google Is Also Making Efforts To
Eradicate The Leaked Version It Has
Also Removed A Large Number Of
The Leaked BBM App From The
If You’re Using The Leaked Version
I’ld Advise You To Uninstall It Now
An Wait For The Official Version.


She was spotted at 360nobs slush party chatting with MMMG Emi Nyra... Saw this pic online, not really sure though but time will tell... Sure.


She shared these her hot and stunning pics on her #instagram account... she's truly endowed ^-^

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