Thursday, 24 April 2014


It's no more news that windows 8.1 update is now available to some Lumia phones. One of the cool new feature that comes along with the update is the Cortana. It's like your Online Digital Personal Assistant (PA).Cortana is coming to every Lumia smartphone running Windows Phone 8, including the Nokia Lumia 520 , Lumia 1020 , and Lumia 930.

Cortana is powered by Bing and has been designed to make your mobile life easier; sending an SMS, or phoning a  friend. However, it’s capable of much more.

How Does Cortana Works?

Launch Cortana Home by tapping its Live Tile on your Start screen, or by pressing the search button on your device. The first time you interact with Cortana, she (yes, Cortana is based on the female AI in the Halo gaming franchise) will try to get to know you by asking your name, as well as some things you’re interested in. Once pleasantries have been exchanged, Cortana Home will display useful information tailored just for you. This could be flight information taken from email confirmations, or up-to-the-minute traffic data based on your usual route to work. You can ask Cortana to not disturb you during specified times. For the duration of these ‘quiet hours’ your phone will be switched to silent and Cortana will only grant access to the most important people from your ‘inner circle’.

It was developed with the help of real PAs to make the experience more accurate and efficient. Above all,Cortana is loaded with personality that makes her seem almost lifelike.
I guess you can’t wait for to try it?


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