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Samsung Mobile flagship smartphone, Galaxy S5 was launched on the 11th of April. There's no doubt that the high-end device is one of the most highly anticipated smartphones in the Q1 of 2014. Compared to its rival HTC ONE M8, Galaxy S5 was even sold out in Korea before it's launch date in order to satisfy the anxiety and curiousity of consumers.
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Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with unique and interesting features that makes it different among others. It enables camera from the lock screen, fingerprint scanner located inside the Home button, heart rate monitor on the back just under the camera port also water and dust resistant. It also include key specs like 2.5 GHZ Quadcore application processor, 16MP rear camera, 2800 mAH battery life and Android 4.4.2 kitkat.
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However, there are possibilities that Galaxy S5 won't sell much as expected in Nigeria. Wondering why?   


In a country like Nigeria where the minimum wage of an average worker is #20,000. In a country where an average citizen lives below a dollar per day. Would you prefer to "Cut your coat according to your size" or rather "Cut your cloth according to your cloth"?

It's only 4 out of 100 nigerians that can afford to 'close their two eyes' to buy Galaxy S5 which is presently worth over #110,000. 1 a politician, 2 an entertainer eg. musician, 3 a pastor & a Cyber criminal i.e Yahoo Boys. *Lol*
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I agree that the device is of high quality which I guess it actually worths the price. With #110,000 I would rather go for a Laptop maybe HP 2000 Corei 3(6GB) worth #85,000. With a balance of #25,000 left to purchase any other smartphone of your choice.

Come to think of it, you purchase Galaxy S5 after some time it becomes scrap and you sell it like a Tecno Phone - is that sensible?

Second Choice:

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is just like any other smartphone out there. I still emphasize that the device is unique beyond every reasonable doubt but there's so much similar alternatives. Aseize Okaztle
even compared Samsung Galaxy S5 to Sony Xperia Z2, is Z2 better than S5?
I do advice people that before you purchase any gadget, ask yourself: Why do I need it? Will it Satisfy my needs? What's so special about Galaxy S5 that you can't get on HTC, Nexus, Sony, or even Tecno at a reasonable price?

No wonder Nosa Ero Nosa post that Galaxy S5 was considered as a piece of cheap plastic by HTC president.
This post is basically just my own opinion, I'm not trying to blacklist or downgrade any product. Criticism sometimes is good for the business.

If you have any contributions, drop your comments lets hear you out.

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