Thursday, 24 October 2013


Badoo uploaded the
below photo with the
caption, “Guinness deal
activated #frosh … Onto the
next meeting

Olamide went on to post
another photo of himself with a
bottle of Guinness and in his
caption, he said, “Frosh !!! Fave
shayo offered mad

But, Olamide isn’t the
only one signed onto the new
Davido also took to his
Instagram page to say: “New
Guinness deal!! Colorful world
of more $$$$$$” with the
below photo.

Also, Guinness also snagged
the “Caro” crooner, Wizkid. Tola
Odunsi of Storm360, put up the
below photo of Wizkid with his
manager, Godwin Tom and the
caption reads: “New
deal #Guinnessthinz”

However,we scooped that
several Nigerian music acts will
perform at an upcoming music
event holding on November 3,
Titled the ‘Colourful World of
More’ concert and put together
by Guinness Nigeria, the event
will also feature Chidinma,
Waje, Burna Boy, Olamide, Ice
Prince, Phyno and Davido.
‘No endorsements, it’s just a
campaign deal which includes
performances‘, Alex Okeke said.
The music industry is really putting smiles on our artiste faces... kudos, you guys deserve it. What do you think?


Saw this online, a photo of Peter and Paul of p square in their teenage age at 10 years of age.

What do you think?


The rapper didn’t hold back with his weepy
words as he dedicated song to his bride-to-
be and publicly referred to Kim as his fiancé
for the very first time Following the couple’s
show-stopping engagement on Monday,
rapper Kanye West dedicated a song to his
bride-to-be during a concert in California on
Tuesday night, and publicly referred to Kim
as his fiancé for the first time.
Just as Kanye’s song Bound 2, which is about
the pair’s relationship, kicked off, he said:
“You know what song this is, right? “I want
to sing this song to the birthday girl that’s
back there right now, my fiancé.
Clearly thrilled by the pair’s engagement,
Kanye continued: “If you came with
somebody that you love tonight, hold on so
“What I’m trying to say is it’s hard to find
Reality starlet Kim, who was in the audience
for the Yeezus concert with mum Kris,
couldn’t contain her smiles as he addressed
the crowd.
Delving even deeper, the 36-year-old rapper
explained: “Sometimes I’m feeling like I had
a second chance in life. ‘Cause I remember
in my career early on when I could have lost
my life.”


Madonna has rid herself of her
massive Beverly Hills estate. The
one she bought during her marriage to Guy Ritchie and she pocketed a cool $8 MILLION in the process. Madge had only
listed the property back in January
for $22.5 milion and just 10 months later, real estate guru Kurt
Rappaport closed the deal for $20
million. Not bad considering she bought the place in 2003 for $12 million Real estate sources tell us  the lucky guy who scooped up the pad is a Wall St. big shot. The mystery buyer is clearly a fan of privacy because the 17,000 square foot property is
incredibly secluded -- with a 500
foot tree-lined driveway and
massive trees covering the perimeter of the estate. The home is insane -- with 15 bathrooms, 9 bedrooms, a 2-
story dining room, pool, movie
theater tennis court and a gym. So, where's Madonna gonna live now? We're told Madge is on the hunt for a smaller place in L.A. But don't worry about her she's still got massive properties in London and New York.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will not have a long engagement --
sources close to the couple confirms that the engagement will be very short and the wedding will happen quickly.We're told it's Kanye more
than Kim that wants the wedding to happen STAT.  As for what kind of wedding , it's going to be "a blow out." But Kim and Kanye
aren't all smiles.  Our sources say
they are PISSED OFF that someone
present at AT&T Park secretly taped the proposal and leaked it. The couple thinks they know who did it, and that person signed a
confidentiality agreement. We're
told a lawsuit is imminent. BTW ... North West was at
the ballpark.


Bruce Jenner was NOT invited to
AT&T Park when Kanye West popped
the question to Kim Kardashian .
in fact, he had no idea his step-
daughter was getting engaged until
AFTER the fact.
Bruce and Kanye have never had a
"real conversation." Bruce was not
happy when Kim hooked up with
Kanye so quickly after she left Kris
Humphries. We're told Kanye is the
one who planned every detail of the
surprise proposal. We do not know
exactly why Bruce was not invited --
whether it was because of Kanye or
because of Bruce's separation from
Kris. We do know , Bruce didn't
even know Kanye was popping the
question until he got a call from
Kim immediately after she got
engaged.   We're told Bruce was
Kim's first call, because Kim
considers him to be her father.

Watch the video of kanye's proposal to Kim HERE


Next month, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is set to arrive in the U.S.,
Samsung announced Wednesday.
Yes, this is the same Galaxy S4
mini that was let out of the bag in Europe earlier this year. Americans will get a taste of the device in November.
According to the South Korean phone maker, "Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) announced yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy
S4 mini, a compact smartphone
featuring some of the most popular Galaxy S4 experiences,
will be available in the U.S beginning in November."
No specific day was offered but that is a sign that the details are left up to the carriers handing out the devices.
Wireless carriers will announce their specific availability, colors and timing,” said Samsung.
U.S. carriers named in the release include AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and
U.S. Cellular.
File Transfers

The mini smartphone comes preinstalled with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. What users will see is a
miniature of the Galaxy S4 in a
compact form factor, with a smaller size display. But, to dismiss it as nothing more than that would be unfair. The
mini, with its 8- megapixel rear
camera, and 1.9-megapixel front camera, offers the ability to enhance photos and it can also
be used as a TV remote control
According to Samsung, users can share content from the mini "to a
TV effortlessly, as well as look for something to watch in a new way that lets you browse by genre,
search by title or receive recommendations based on your
The mini touts "simple file sharing" where the user gets to
transfer large files, including
videos and documents, to other Galaxy phones with S Beam without the need for a Wi-Fi
connection or cell signal. Topping the chatter about the S4 mini,
though, is news about its compatibility with the Galaxy Gear. Another Samsung press
announcement on Wednesday said that Samsung will extend Galaxy Gear compatibility to Galaxy S III, S4, Note II, and more.
I'm sure nigerians will be willing to buy whenever it'll be released.


Now they are offering free
tablet data for the life of your
Speaking via Twitter, T-Mobile’s
John Legere unveiled that the
upcoming iPads will offer
200MB of free data to tablet
owners. That might not matter
much to us in the Android
world, but the good news is
that T-Mobile further clarified that any tablet compatible with
T-Mobile’s cellular network will
be eligible for 200MB of free
LTE monthly data for the life of
the device.
Even better, you don’t have to
be an existing (paid) mobile
subscriber to qualify for this
free data.
What happens when you run
out of the 200MB of data? You
will either be cut off for the
rest of the month, or you can
opt for a daily or weekly pass.
A day pass will cost you $5 and
give you 500MB data, while a
weekly pass includes 1GB data.

The new free data plans for
tablets will be available
starting November 1st. To help
attract more tablet buyers, T-
Mobile is also extending its
trade-in program to tablets and
is also offering every tablet in
its lineup for $0 down with a
qualifying monthly payment
plan. For Nexus fans, that
means the Nexus 7 (2013) LTE
model will cost you just $16 for
24 months with no down
It’s unclear whether this $0
down promotion is a limited
time offer or not, though we
wouldn’t wait around too long
if we were you. What do you
think of T-Mobile’s new free
tablet data offer, excited or
not? Drop your comments.


A new innovative idea in the internet world.  A
website dedicated to an Indian movie
legend, Rajnikanth

it automatically detects
if you have internet enabled.
The only way to get access into the
website is to switch off your
internet ( LAN, Dial Up or
Wifi). After switching off your
internet services, it brings out the page

Note: if you switch on the
internet services to access the website, you will get
this page.

The website works based on the principle of Adobe
Flash platform. Check HERE to visit the website


Word had it that Google was planning to
launch a subscription music service for
YouTube this past summer, but the summer
came and went and no such service surfaced.
Now, rumors are flying that the service could
be launching before year's end.
The possible music service will sound a lot
like Spotify but will also come with videos,
according to Billboard. And, like Pandora, it's
said to have both a free version and a paid
premium version that will give users
unlimited access to albums and artists.
Those with the unlimited access are also said
to get ad-free music, as well as offline
Billboard reports the service is expected to
cost consumers about $10 per month and be
compatible with many of Google's other
products and services, such as Google Glass.
Google has reportedly closed all the deals
necessary to get the service going, according
to Billboard. In March, the company was said
to have made a deal with Warner Music
Group that gives Google rights for two
services it's said to be working on -- one
that's part of Google's Android music
platform, Google Play, and the other for
This is just one step for Google, as it tries to
go to battle with streaming services like
Spotify and turn YouTube into a more
powerful and lucrative music service.
YouTube, which has 1 billion unique monthly
users , is already the largest music service in
existence, and for now it only makes money
via ads. Throw in a subscription mobile
offering and it could be a game changer for
music streaming .
While Google hasn't yet announced its plans,
a company spokesperson did tell us that
"We're always working on new and better
ways for people to enjoy YouTube content
across all screens, and on giving partners
more opportunities to reach their fans."
Source: CNET


Samsung issued an apology to Chinese
consumers on Wednesday after China's state-
run media criticized the Korean electronics
giant for selling handsets with allegedly
faulty memory chips.
The company offered to provide free repairs
and extended warranties on seven models
after a broadcast on the influential China
Central Television on Tuesday reported how
Samsung handsets, including the Galaxy S
and Galaxy Note series, crash several times a
day due to the memory chips. The report
said the issue could be resolved with a $100
chip upgrade that was not covered under
current warranties.
In a statement posted to Samsung's China
Web site, the electronics giant apologized for
the inconvenience, which it blamed on
"management problems." It also pledged to
repair affected devices, refunds on
previously-repaired devices, and replacement
handsets in some cases.
Samsung is not the first tech coming to
come under CCTV scrutiny for its warranty
practices. In April, Apple CEO Tim Cook
issued an apology over its warranty policies
in China and promised improved services
after a report on the station. The initial
report claimed Apple repaired only broken or
otherwise faulty parts within its products for
customers in China, versus providing new
replacements in other countries.
Cook's apology came during Apple's
continuing efforts to land an iPhone
distribution deal with the world's largest
mobile carrier. Support from China Mobile,
which has about 745 million customers,
would open up a vast number of new
customers for Apple.
Meanwhile, Samsung hopes its apology goes
a long way toward helping it maintain its
lead position in China's smartphone market .
The company sold 30 million devices in the
country last year for a 17.7 percent market
share, outpacing the 11 percent share
commanded by No. 3 Apple.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Yankee vehemently claims that
the pictures used by some
reporters in their stories were
actually taken at the earliest part
of the show when fans were just
arriving, affirming that the report
was sponsored by mischief
makers, whose interest is to see
him disappointing Abuja show
He said,
“ I’m sure those
journalists did not even stay
till the end of the show. The
show was “very very”
successful. I really don’t bother
myself about what some people
feel or want to say about my
event, so long as our business
continues to prosper and we
keep smiling to the banks. I
want to tell you that Wizkid
was happy with the turnout,
the fans enjoyed the show, they
had fun and have confessed to
that. They are ever ready to
have Wizkid in Abuja again.
Speaking further, Yankee said
“those pictures were actually
taken by some journalists who
had access to the hall before
the take-off of the show. I
didn’t know they were out to
blackmail us. I didn’t even
know how they had access to
the conference hall. But I’m not
in any way bothered. ”
He disclosed that over 27 tables
were sold at the event, and that a
table of 8 was given out between
N300, 000 to N500,000 . He listed
heavy weights who were at the
show to include ”
CEO, Kefiano
motors; Timi Frank, PA to Atiku
Abubakar; MD, Exclusive Stores,
MD, Sungold Estate; Jude Imagwe,
SSA to Jonathan on Youths and
Students Matters; Mr Jide Asuma,
former Director of Silverbird
Cinema; Tucano club,club Stormm,
FCMB, Mr Danjuma, former local
govt of Kuje; Suleiman Ibro,
Summerset owner, All clubs in
Abuja, Danar Air and a host of
others. Yankee said the list is
endless, and that he cannot be
deterred by those he termed,
To all those haters and anti-wizkid team... who God has blessed no man can curse...


Two hundred and sixteen Nigerians
at home and in the Diaspora have
signed an online petition asking the
Federal Government and the
Academic Staff Union of
Universities to end the industrial
dispute which has kept public
universities shut for four months.
The petition launched on, a go-to site for web
protests, is asking President
Goodluck Jonathan and the National
President of ASUU, Dr. Nassir Faggae,
to reach an “amicable consensus.”
In the petition entitled, “Mr.
President and the Academic Staff
Union of Universities: Please End the
ASUU Strike now,” the petitioners
said the Presidency should stop
playing politics with education of the
Nigerian youth.
The petition read in part, “Since the
ASUU strike began, it has been over
half a semester, a lot in the life of
students waiting at home, not
knowing when the strike will be
over. The future of Nigeria is at
stake. Stop playing politics with
“It is urgent we send a message
that it is long past time for the FG
and ASUU to reach consensus and
get students back to school by
ending this strike.”
A majority of non-students who
appended their signature to the
petition noted that they joined the
online protest with a view to crying
out to ASUU and the FG to consider
poor students whose parents cannot
afford the luxury of sending them
overseas to study like the sons and
daughters of political office holders.


Tiwa has started shopping for her wedding in london. She posted it on her instagram page.

Peek-A-Boo #virginatlantic #london
#weddingshopping #helloTBillz
#eminado cc @teebillz322


Zinox Technologies Limited,
manufacturers of internationally
certified branded computers in
Nigeria, is set to unveil its tablet
in the country next month.
Targeted at the growing mobile
workforce, the Z-PAD range of
tablets will combine two variants –
Wi-Fi and 3G – to enhance user
connectivity, the Chairman, Zinox
Group, Chief Leo Stan Ekeh, said
while addressing newsmen in
The flagship of the range is the Z-
PAD v 7 running on 4th Generation
Intel Core i3 -3217U 1.80GHz
processor and Intel vPro, 4GB
Memory, slim detachable keyboard,
11-inch display screen and
Windows 8 Pro.
The Z-PAD v7 supports GSM, and
has an active stylus option with 10
point capacitive multi-touch,
providing a two-in-one flexibility
with the convenience and power of
an ultra book, he said.
The Z-PAD v6 tablet, which runs on
a dual core processor, Android 4.2
Jelly Bean upgradeable, 10-inch
display with 1280×800 pixel
resolution, dual cameras (front and
rear), has a 10-point capacitive
multi-touch and a long battery life
– 8,000mAh Li- polymer, Zinox said.
The Z-PAD v5 also has a dual core
processor, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
upgradeable, 7-inch display with
1280×800 pixel resolution, dual
cameras, supports GSM, with a 10-
point capacitive multi-touch and a
long battery life- 8,000mAh Li-
“The Z- PAD Android-based tablets
are affordable, feature-rich tablets
for people who want to be
constantly connected wherever
they are.
“The tablets have an upscale fit
and finish, and are designed with
longevity in mind with the right
components so that customers will
be just as delighted with their
tablet one year from now, as they
are on the day they take it out of
the box,” the firm added.
Commenting on the Z-PAD range of
tablets, Ekeh said that Zinox had
kept faith with the expectations of
the computing public in Nigeria by
designing and manufacturing a
range of tablets to meet the needs
of customers, who were on the go
and were relentlessly striving for
The tablets, he said, would yield
high levels of performance that
would guarantee a competitive
edge for end-users while giving IT
departments what they need – the
ability to integrate into an existing
corporate environment with full
compatibility to current Windows
applications and Microsoft Office
The tablets, the Zinox boss said,
featured optional advanced
security features and services such
as TPM.
In addition, the tablets, he added,
come preloaded with a Zinox
application that will contain
Nigerian content that enables
consumers to have an in-depth
knowledge of Nigeria through an
inspirational presentation of role
models in politics, sports,
academics and arts and culture.
Zinox Technologies Group recently
completed the installation of its
new digital PC/Phones assembly
plant to enhance its capacity to
keep pace with international
quality standards.
This multi-class functionality
facility produces desktops, laptops,
tablets PCs and phones, and is
structured to produce a wider
range of gadgets with available
components. To harness this
facility, Zinox partnered with
Foxconn – the world’s largest
electronic manufacturer measured
by revenue and whose clients
include Intel, Apple and Dell.


Aereo launched its first Android app at the Google Play store on Tuesday.
The app, which was launched in a public beta, allows users in the seven markets where Aereo operates to access the cloud-based TV service from smartphones, tablets, and other devices running Android operating
system 4.2 or higher. Aereo members will also be able to connect a Roku box to their
Aereo account using their Android device.
The release came on the date promised earlier this month by Aereo CEO and founder
Chet Kanojia. Aereo, which launched in New York last year,
uses antenna/DVR technology to let consumers watch live, local, over-the-air television broadcasts over some Internet-connected devices for $8 a month. The company laid out plans earlier this year to expand its service to 22 new US cities by the end of the year, but it currently operates
only in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Miami, Houston, and Dallas.
The service is expected to make its Detroit debut next week, with expansion planned for Cincinnati, San Antonio, Indianapolis, and
Columbus, Ohio. A planned launch in Chicago has been delayed.
The company has been a thorn in the side of major broadcast networks like NBC, ABC, Fox,
and CBS (the parent of CNET). The
companies have sued Aereo, claiming that the service violates their copyrights. So far, the court has ruled on Aereo's side, saying
the companies have not been able to prove copyright infringement.


Since Betaworks
purchased Instapaper earlier this
year, a design update has made its
way to the iOS and web versions of
the app. Today, that refresh is
hitting the save-now-read-later
utility on Android. In addition to an
overhauled interface, the update
brings search (via in-app purchase)


FlexyCore, a company that
developed technology to make
Android faster, is now a part of
Google. Established in 2008,
FlexyCore’s main product was
DroidBooster, a technology that
the company claimed
significantly improved the
performance of Android devices.
More info HERE

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


After pleading with the Federal
Government and the striking lecturers
to no avail, the Federal Capital
Territory (FCT) chapter of the National
Association of Nigerian Students
(NANS), have vowed to embark on a
fund raising mission to pay the
lecturers of the University of Abuja
Chapter of the Academic Staff Union
of Universities (ASUU).
According to the Chairman NANS
(FCT), Comrade Adediwura Ismaeel
Adesina:"So far Nigerian students
have tried their best and we have
realized that Nigerian government
and ASUU have exhausted our
patience. We went on different
peaceful protests in FCT for them to
know our plights and at the end of
the day nothing was done. ASUU
continues to agitate for this money
even as the Federal Government
keeps saying that there is no money.
We begged ASUU to return to classes
it refused while our future is in
jeopardy. That is why the National
Association of Nigerian Students,
Joint Campuses Committee FCT axis
now decided that since that is the
case, the students can pay ASUU. "
He said since the entire NANS can no
longer reach a consensus on the
ASUU strike, the FCT chapter decided
to tackle on the challenges of the
University of Abuja that is within its
On how the students will raise the
money, Adesina said: "The
stakeholders and NANS of FCT have
now declared a month rag service in
FCT. We will move around from
November 1 to the end of November.
We will move from one office to
another, streets and different
markets. We will talk to our parents,
talk to our brothers around FCT and
we know from the one month rag
days, we will be able to raise
substantial amount to pay ASUU."
He explained that since the FCT
NANS does not have the financial
capacity to pay the entire ASUU, it
will battle to settle the only
university in the territory-University
of Abuja.
He promised that for transparency
and accountability, the union will
announce its daily collections on
radios and televisions stations.


News Reaching us from Confirm Source
claims Davido might be dropping
another Video anytime soon to his
Skelewu Monster Hit.
The Superstar will is not yet satisified
with the Production of the Video
which was recently done by Sesan
and to the New One which drop
Davido really love his Fans, Said our
Source, Beg Clearance Peter to help
make the Video a Greater one.
When asked by Clearance peter about
his Previous Skelewu Video, Davido
replies, "Don't Mind those Cow" jare,
Said our Source.
# Team Davido keep your Fingers
crossed, Davido is dropping another
Scale-Ewu Video.
Source: Naijaloaded


Apple unveiled upgraded versions of its iPads Tuesday, with more power and sleeker designs to ramp up competition against rivals who now have a majority of the tablet market. A slimmer version of its top-selling
full-size tablet computer, dubbed
the “iPad Air,” was announced along with a revamped iPad Mini with an improved high-definition display.
The new iPad Air is 43 percent
thinner than the version it replaces,
weighs just one pound (450 grams),
and is “screaming fast,” Apple vice
president Phil Schiller said at an
The upgraded iPad Mini has a high-
definition “retina” display along with
faster computing power and
Apple chief executive Tim Cook said
at the San Francisco event that
consumers still love the iPad even
though it no longer accounts for a
majority of global tablet sales.
Everybody seems to be making a
tablet,” he said. “Even some of the
doubters are making them.”
But he said that notwithstanding
sales figures, “iPad is used more
than any of the rest, and not just a
little more, a lot more.”
The iPad “is used over four times
more than all of those other tablets
put together, and this is what is
important to us. People use it, and
what is even more important to us,
is people love it,” he said.
The two new iPads will be sold
alongside the existing versions,
starting November 1 in more than 40
markets around the world.
The iPad Air will start at $499 and
the new Mini version at $399 for US
customers. Apple will cut the prices
of the older iPad versions.
The new iPads feature the Apple-
designed A7 chip with 64-bit
“desktop-class architecture,” Apple
iPad created an entirely new mobile
computing experience, and the new
iPad Air is another big leap ahead.
It is so thin, light and powerful,
once you hold one in your hand you
will understand what a tremendous
advancement this is,” said Schiller.
The new iPads come on the same
day Microsoft began selling an
upgraded version of its Surface
tablet, and as Nokia unveiled its own
tablet computer.
Industry tracker Gartner on Monday
forecast that global tablet shipments
will reach 184 million units this year
— a 53.4 percent rise from last year.
The iPad remains the largest-selling
tablet, according to surveys, but its
market share is being eroded by
rivals using the Google Android
operating system.
Source: Vanguard news


We’re excited to
announce that the rollout has
resumed!<br><br>Due to incredible
demand there is a line-up to start
using BBM. But, since you took the
time to sign up in advance, we'd like
to give you the chance to start using
BBM on Android or iPhone right
away without having to wait in line.

Here's what to do to get past the
1.Visit from your iPhone
or Android browser to download
2.Once the BBM app has been
installed, open it.
3.When asked to Enter your
email address to check if you can
start using BBM use the email
address this message was sent to.
4.Get started with setting up BBM.

Monday, 21 October 2013


Download Skelewu video by moe musa HERE
Download Skelewu video by Sesan HERE
Compare and contrast which one is the better?


Australian mining
tycoon, dinosaur park enthusiast and
political force Clive Palmer Monday
pegged out a new role for himself —
a deckchair cameo in a movie he
plans about the Titanic.
Palmer has made waves with his bid
to build Titanic II — a replica of the
doomed luxury liner which sank
more than a century ago — which is
scheduled to make its first Atlantic
crossing in 2016.
“Due to worldwide interest in
@titanic_ii I’ve registered ‘Palmer
Pictures’. Will look at making a movie
about its maiden voyage #titanic,”
he tweeted.
“@titanic_ii The ship where dreams
come true,” he added later.
Palmer, who has won a seat in the
Australian parliament pending an
ongoing recount after the success of
his Palmer United Party in
September elections, told the AAP
news agency that the movie would
be filmed aboard his liner.
“It will be a love story,” he said.
We have a lot of actors from
Hollywood, China and Europe who
want to star in roles.”
Palmer said his version of the
Titanic would be “a lot better” than
James Cameron’s 1997 global hit
starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate
“I could be in a deckchair having a
drink,” he added of his dream to
make a cameo appearance.
Global interest in Titanic II has
prompted Palmer’s latest film move,
he said.
“My father George had Palmer
Pictures originally back in the 1920s
and he made two silent films in
Australia,” he said in a statement,
adding that there were also plans
for a documentary on the ship’s
maiden voyage.
The script is still being worked on
and of course we would be seeking
major Hollywood stars and
production people to be involved in
the movie project,” he said.
Palmer’s Titanic II will feature
modern modifications but try to
remain as true as possible to the
original, which went down after
hitting an iceberg in 1912. He has
said construction will begin next
March in China.
The original Titanic, which was built
in Belfast, sank on its first trip from
Southampton in England to New
York, killing more than 1,500
passengers and crew.
Palmer, a larger-than-life character
who made a fortune in mining, is
also a real estate developer and
tourism resort operator who is
planning to build “the world’s
biggest” park of giant robotic
dinosaurs at his Coolum Resort on
Australia’s Sunshine Coast.
Source: vanguard news


Davido tweet this few hours ago to confirm the release of his new official Skelewu video that was shot in london by Mr. Moe musa.
This is what davido tweeted:

"Skelewu The Movie drops today...
Thank you all for the support

Download the video HERE

Drop your comments...


someone might have once died in your
house. It might have been a peaceful,
natural death. Or it might have been
something more alarming, like death by stag-
goring, or a seance gone wrong.
There's now a site that can help you in your
quest to discover what spiritual lurkers might
waft around your house.
It's called And it exists in
order to tell you if someone once ceased
existing within your walls.
DiedInHouse claims to search all 50 states
for evidence of expiration. It promises
something called a "certified report."
I couldn't resist. Things have been strange of
late. This site might truly provide an answer.
So I proceeded.
A single search costs $11.99, such a small
price to pay for peace of mind and spirit.
Just as I was about to put my credit card
number on the DiedInHouse collection plate.
Creepy site...


November 17, 2013 , promises to be
a day to reckon with as Peter Okoye ,
the better half of P-Square will walk
his fiancé and mother of his two
kids, Lola Omotayo, down the aisle
and make his union with her official.
Peter, who recently proposed to Lola
with a brand new Range Rover SUV,
made the date official and
indications are rife that the
traditional marriage will be at the
Arc Events Centre , Lagos , Nigeria,
while the white wedding proper will
host outside the country in early
A representative of the P -Square
has confirmed the development and
further said arrangements are in top
gear to make the day an
unforgettable one.
#Congrats in advance.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Are you still not yet benefiting
from the ongoing Mtn free
browsing with Tunnelling
vpn? If Open VPN or Droid vpn did
not work for you, Troid vpn is
another alternative for Android
phone users to enjoying Mtn free
browsing with N0.0.

1. Visit HERE to download it
2. Run and install it on your
3. Set Protocol to
4. Set the LPort to 5222
5. Set the RPort to 1110
6. Set your Apn to
Connect and enjoy your free
Drop your comments below.


The latest Airtel free browsing cheat... just follow the following steps carefully as explained below.
Migrate to Airtel club 10 by dialing *166# then Load N100 on your airtel sim.
You'll be given 10mb for
1week [7 days]. Now Send sms
" BBUD2 " to 440 or dial
You'll receive 163mb for this.
Text Stopautorenew to 440.
Dial *123*10# to check ur data.
You will now have 10mb + 163mb = 173mb.
Its working perfectly and on
all devices.
Drop your comments and if you encounter any problem let me know.


Here is the latest free browsing
tweak for mtn users. Enjoy it  while it last.
Configure your phone with the codes below:
PORT :- 80
APN :-

Now on your opera4.2 labs hander
insert the below tweak

HTTP SERVER :- http://mini5.opera-


On Friday, Dell began selling one of the first
tablets with Intel's Bay Trail processor, as
small Windows 8.1 devices go quad core.
The #48,000 Dell Venue 8 Pro can be ordered
online starting Friday with an estimated
shipment date of October 25.
The tablet sports a quad-core Intel Atom
Z3740D "Bay Trail" processor rated at speeds
of up to 1.8GHz, a 32GB flash drive, and 2GB
Single Channel DDR3L-RS 1600MHz RAM.


Raoul John Njen-Njeng, popularly
known as Skales, is a rapper who
was discovered during the 2008
edition of Zain Tru Search talent
competition and the Soundcity
Blast concert in 2009. The
songwriter talks about his career
Tell us about yourself
My name is Raoul John Njeng-
Njeng. I am from Edo State and
fans know me as Skales. I am a
hip-hop artiste/songwriter and I
was born on April 1, 1991. I
studied Office Management and
Technology in Lead City University.
What does your name Skales
Skales is an acronym for Seek-
When did you start music and
how has it been so far?
I started music a long time ago,
since when I was a young kid of
five years. But professionally, I
started six years ago with a record
label. Music has been good. It
has been a learning process for
me. At the moment, I am still
growing up, learning more, getting
better and making more money.
What is your inspiration?
What inspires me is the whole
essence of life and my experience
on a daily basis. When I did my
single, “Heading for a Grammy” in
2009, I was going through a lot at
that time and the experience
provided a lot of content for my
music. In the song, I was talking
about being the best and going on
to become the most incredible. I
was saying I was going to be a
great person.
If you were to sing about
something as we speak, what
would you sing about?
I would sing about what is
happening at the moment, whether
good or bad. Also, I have met a lot
beautiful people today and they
can inspire a whole lot of lyrics.
How was it like growing up?
I grew up in Kaduna. I moved to
Lagos about six years ago.
Did you meet Banky W in Kaduna?
No. I met him when I moved to
When were you able to finally
break into the industry and get
I was writing and performing my
songs when I got a call from Banky
W asking me to meet and discuss
music with him. At about that
same period also, I received offers
from several other record labels
but he was the one I preferred to
work with.
How are you coping with the
music business?
There are a lot of ups and downs.
It is the same thing everywhere. It
is just that the structure in Nigeria
is not really strong. But we are
hoping that it will get better
eventually. I would suggest that
there should be some improvement
in the way the industry is
operating currently. The structure
should be changed to pave way for
better programmes. Countries all
over the world have a music
industry but they are not filled
with the kind of challenges in
Nigeria. We would appreciate if
there are opportunities that will
enable performers grow and get to
the next level just like it is in most
cities around the world.
What does style mean to you?
Style is everything. You can see
from the way I am dressed that I

am stylish. I style myself, I don’t
use a stylist. My style is
determined by my mood. Another
thing that influences the way I
dress is the desire to create and
maintain a very impressive and
attractive image. I am always on
the Internet. I go through all
designers in order to be able to
figure out what look works for me
at a particular point in time. And
sometimes, I try to be creative and
come up with my own designs.
What has been the lowest point
of your life?
The lowest point in my life would
be when I don’t have money.
Have you ever reached that point?
I have reached it a lot of times.
When I am broke, I feel really bad
even though it pushes me to do
How do you keep in shape?
I do exercises; I go on a diet
among other things. As an artiste,
I have to be on a diet because I
have to keep the brand going. I
have to be good looking.
Tell us about a typical day in your
On a typical day, I hang with my
friends. I record in the studio and
sometimes, I play games. I hang
out at cinemas. I also go on twitter
and just sit down for hours talking
to my fans.
What are your likes and dislikes?
I hate failure. I hate dirt and
sloppiness. I also hate being late.
I like making money, making music
and chasing my dreams.
How much money have you made
from music so far?
I am not so sure I want to discuss
that subject; one has to be careful
about issues regarding money.
What has been the biggest deal
you have ever made in your
That is a yet to be untold story.
Nothing I make right now is big
What is the lowest deal?
I can’t say that too.
Any foreign artiste that you look
up to?
Kanye West is the foreign artiste I
look up to at the moment. I am
highly inspired by him. I am
Kanye’s number one fan in the
world. His influence in me goes
beyond music. I am regarded as
one of the most stylish artistes in
Nigeria because I like wearing the
latest gears and sneakers just like
Kanye. I like Kanye so much that I
follow everything he does. Not that
I try to act like him but to be
greater than somebody, you have
to follow that person’s footsteps
and that’s what I do.
Looking at the industry and the
way we are operating, do you see
any prospect for growth?
Yes, we are definitely going
somewhere. Right now, white
people are singing Nigerian songs.
You go on YouTube, people are
singing our songs and if you go to
shows, you will see white people
there, enjoying songs from Nigerian
artistes. That means we are being
recognised. A lot of things are
happening around the world with
foreign artistes collaborating with
Nigerian artistes regularly. I see
the Nigerian entertainment
industry as a globally respected
one in the next five years or less.
How do you deal with attention
from fans?
Sometimes I run when they are too
many and it is overwhelming. But I
love my fans a lot and I like being
around them.
What is your greatest fear in life?
My greatest fear in life is fear of
failing. Another thing I fear most
is losing my mother.


Years after winning the coveted
Miss World crown, Agbani Darego
remains beautiful like a gazelle,
with little or no additional flesh on
her slim frame.
But if you ask her how she has
managed to stay so slim and
beautiful through the years, the
elegant former beauty queen has a
simple answer:
“I eat well, work
out, do some yoga and generally
take care of my body.”
With a smart head on her
shoulders, Darego recently added
‘entrepreneur’ to her already
crowded curriculum vitae with the
launch of her own denim line.
But that does not make everything
rosy. To the former world’s most
beautiful woman, there are
challenging moments which she
did not allow to daunt her.
“I am human,” she says.

She adds:
“There are moments
where it seems that moving back to
Nigeria, setting up a business and
working on several projects all
seem too much for me to take on.
Nevertheless, we have to work hard
and pursue what we want to do. I
don’t think it is wise for me or
anybody to give up when things
are not working out the way we
expected them to. For example, I
first released promotional pictures
for my clothing line some months
ago and I had hoped to open the
place a month or two after.
“However, I had some issues with
my production team, I could have
given up but I did not, I
persevered and together, we
figured out the best solution.
Now, we actually have a better
production line because of that
issue. It all goes to prove that if
you believe and work hard at what
you want and don’t give up in the
middle of everything, you would
achieve whatever you set your
mind on.
“I am inspired by the fact that I
have a huge project on my hands
and I am determined to push it. I
have been blessed with
opportunities and it would be a
shame if I don’t make use of the
opportunities. Young girls all over
the world look up to us, we have to
prove to them that dreams can be
realised with hard work and
Source: Punch News


Apple’s iMessage instant messenger service, which has
made headlines for being uncrackable by law enforcement, is not so secure after all, according to Quarkslab. An internal document from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration published in April stated that it was impossible to intercept iMessages between two Apple devices. “As Apple claims, there is end-to-end encryption,” Quarkslab researcher Cyril Cattiaux said. “The weakness is in the key infrastructure as it is
controlled by Apple.”
Source: TechArena

Saturday, 19 October 2013


Chinese manufacturer
Lenovo released an Android 4.2-
powered laptop, the Lenovo
This isn’t the first time we’ve
heard about the A10, which was
unintentionally revealed by
Lenovo earlier this month , but
now we have a price tag:
roughly $249 approximately #40,000. For that budget
price you get a

√ 10.1-inch HD laptop with
√ a 1.6GHz Rockchip CPU,
√ 2GB RAM,
√ 32GB storage and
√ a battery that is said to
make it through about nine
hours of video playback.
√ There’s
also stereo speakers and
√ an integrated .3MP webcam on the

The A10 can be flipped around
into “stand mode” for watching
movies and comfortably using
the touchscreen, but it can’t
be folded flat and used as a
full tablet. In order to make
Android 4.2 more useful when
in “laptop mode”, Lenovo
includes a customized user
interface that features a special
app launcher, task bar, status
bar for quick access to library/
desktop, and even a built-in
file manager.
Android is at it again... what do you think about it???


Wizkid had just finished his superb
performance at about 3:26AM when
he asked his manager to hand him
two bale of N500 notes supposedly
around the sum of N100,000 which
he then threw into the crowd and left
the stage.
Watch & Download Video HERE
StarBoy tinz...


Vector Acquires Brand New 2013
One of 9ja's
hottest rappers, he just dropped his latest song 'Popular' where he featured Pheelz.

The MAZDA CX9 SUV said to be worth
about $45,000 [N7.2Million].
Kudos Mr. Popular... 'ONUU'!


Yesterday different blogs were
saturated with the breaking news
that Nollywood actress Rita Dominic
hit a studio to record new music
with Kate Henshaw.
The false news has reached the
hearing of the star actresses who
debunked the story on Twitter immediately. Check out what the duo said on

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