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The Blackberry era has come and gone, almost everyone is dancing  to a different tune of music which has been the advent of Android Smartphones.

Though not that there was no Android device previously but I guess it was considered not pocket-friendly to most Nigerians. That's where the chinese company comes into the scene, Tecno Android Smartphones. No doubt that Tecno was the turning point for all nigerians to own a smartphone.

If you could remember back then when ladies use Nokia phones including the so called 'Torchlight Phones', they always try to hide it in their bags when going to occasions. But if they had a BB that's when you'll see them flaunting it at every instance as if they are Blackberry Ambassadors and pretending to be pinging even though they don't have BIS.

Without further ado, I'll be discussing with you the reason why Tecno is still the highest selling Smartphone this year and why you should consider getting one.


There's no doubt that Tecno brand of Android Phones is the cheapest in the Nigeria Phone Market. You don't  expect me to waste #5,500 on Nokia X (Nokia owns Android phone) worth #19,500 instead of buying Tecno L3 worth #14,000. These two Phones have virtually similar Specs; 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM, Android Jellybean OS with L3 even having higher battery life of 2400mAh compared to 1500mAh of Nokia X.
A friend of mine on facebook, Samuel Ogunlade once said "Why do Nigerians consider price of phones rather than the specs? ".
Why waste excess on similar quality whereas you can get it cheaper?


There's nothing more relieving than having a problem and getting a reliable and lasting solution to it. Last year a close friend of mine (Hakeem Yusuf) bought Tecno P3 from Etisalat Store at Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere. Due to the fact that he was not used to Touchscreen phones, he accidentally broke the screen of the phone. I was like 'Ha! Hakeem you're too clumsy, what are you going to do now? ' After two days, he got a new screen from Tecno Office at ikeja - he was covered (12 months warranty). I was so convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that I'll buy a Tecno Android.
Why worry about faults on your Tecno phone when there's customer service you can rely on?

3. NOT 1 BUT 2 SIM:

The most compelling reason why I find Tecno Android phones handy is because of the Dual sim feature. I'm a blogger an I engage into different online and offline business which you don't expect me to rely on only network for my transactions. If one network is not active the other one will surely function. The flexibility of using two Sims makes it cool. You're always in control switching your network whenever anyone fails to satisfy your browsing need. Moreover, why do I need an Android phone in the first place?

Finally, though Tecno also has it's own negative side just like every other brand of Smartphones which
Nosa Ero Nosa reveals the Flaws of Tecno Android Phones
I don't see any reason why Tecno will launch similar phones without any noticeable advancement from the previous ones. Take an instance, what's the difference between Tecno P5 and H5? Anyways, I'm not too surprised because Nokia is also guilty of it in thier own era.

If you consider to buy a Tecno Android phone, check out the List Of Tecno Phones /& Their Prices
by Jide Ogunsanya. Now, let's kmow your say about Tecno, which Tecno Android Phone are you using now OR which one do you wish to buy?

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