Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Apple's iOS 7 launched with a new design and new features. It's common, not all features were welcomed, with some users pleading for the ability to revert back to iOS 6 or turn off some of the more "annoying" features.

One of such feature was the motion found throughout iOS 7, including the motion found on wallpaper images across all
home screens.

Apple did provide a method for reducing the motion effect, but not a way to disable it.

With the release of iOS 7.1, the ability to turn off what Apple calls "Perspective Zoom" (parallax backgrounds) on your home screen is now possible.

How Do I Turn Off The Parallax Backgrounds On My iPhone?

Follow these steps;
- After updating to iOS 7.1
- Go into your iOS device's Settings »» Wallpapers &
- Instead of tapping on Choose a New Wallpaper, tap on your current wallpaper
preview. This is where you can adjust the zoom and reposition your wallpaper to your taste.

In addition to adjusting it, you'll now find a button to turn off Perspective Zoom

Tapping on Perspective Zoom will turn off any motion seen on the background image on your home screen.

Note:- Should you decide at a
later time you'd prefer to have the motion back, you can return to this screen and select the same button to toggle it back on.

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