Tuesday, 11 March 2014


In two weeks’ time, Google would be releasing another kind of its Android OS, an SDK for wearable devices like a smart watch as revealed Google’s Sundar Pichai at
the SXSW conference Sunday.

Google may not be presently be making wearables of this sort but although confirmed last year that they bought a smartwatch maker called WIMM Labs is working on
creating wearable hardware such as this SDK which is set to presently aim at other makers of smartwatches and wearables.
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‘’Pichai also said Google is releasing its Android software developer kit for wearable devices well before actual devices hit the market so the company gets “plenty of feedback” first  and also hopes its Android platform helps developers create many types of wearable devices’’

This may very well be the beginning of many other creations through Google as they are not only interested in smartwatches because of their recent acquisition of smart thermostat maker Nest Labs, it could be a step by step climb into something bigger.

The releagse of Google’s smartwatch has been slated for either mid to late March, or pushed out to June.

Source: Techcityng

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