Tuesday, 11 February 2014


If you could remember, I posted some leaked pics of the unreleased HTC M8 recently.

A couple of newly leaked, alleged photos of the upcoming HTC M8 made the rounds. The duo of images gives us another look at the HTC One successor’s dual-camera setup and on-screen buttons.

Despite its far from great quality, the photo of the device’s dual-camera clearly reveals a dual, two-tone LED flash, like the one found in the Apple iPhone 5s.

Curiously, the image shows a slightly different camera setup than the previous time we saw it, possibly due to the prototype nature of the leaked devices.

The leaked photo of the on-screen buttons on the other hand, shows their setup in both landscape and portrait mode. The image is in line with what we’ve seen already.

The HTC M8 is set to be unveiled next month in New York City. A mini version is also said to be in the works.

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