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It's very common in most tech forums... Sometimes your android phone might be having some serious issues that the only solution is to reset it.
It happened to a friend on Bloggers lab Jaybee Da CodedGuy'Shico

I won't be discussing with you why you need to reset your android phone. Maybe that'll be another topic.

What's a factory reset?

A factory reset will erase all of your phone’s data and restore it to the settings that it came with out of the box.

How to Reset your android phone
There are basically two methods to go about this but for convenience I'll arrange it easily.

Step 1:  Resetting A Working Device

»» Open your device’s
Settings. The Settings app
can have varying icons
depending upon on your
specific device, and may be
also be found within the App
Tray or by pushing.

»» The phone’s dedicated
menu button. Find your Factory Reset option.
Depending on your device,
the "Factory data reset"
feature may be located in one
of two sections within the
Settings app:
Select either the "Privacy" settings and scroll down to "Factory Reset"
Select the "Backup and
Reset" settings and scroll
down to "Factory Reset"

»» Tap "Reset Device" to
delete all data and restore
your device’s factory settings.
The accounts that you are
signed into will be displayed
on the screen.

Disclaimer:- By default, all
of your phone’s internal
storage will be wiped.

Note:- If you want to erase
all of the data on your phone’s SD card as well,
check the box at the bottom
of the screen.

»» Confirm the process by
selecting "Erase Everything".
This will delete all data and
restore back to your device’s
factory settings. The internal performance of your phone
will be as if it just came out
of the box.

Step 2: Resetting A Non-Booting Device

»» Power down your device before you begin the reset process. If it is frozen (not in case of water *lol*), you can
pull the battery out to turn
it off.

»» Press and hold the
recovery buttons. The buttons
vary from device to device, so
you may need to look up the
instructions for your particular phone. You will
need to press and hold the
buttons for a few seconds.
Some of the more common
button combinations include:
√ Volume Up + Home + Power
√ Volume Down + Power
√ Home + Power

If none of the above work, quickly run a Google Search for your phone’s model plus “recovery mode” e.g Google Search for Samsung SII Recovery mode.

»» Once the recovery menu opens, you can navigate the menu with the volume buttons. You may need to open the Recovery menu to find the Factory
Reset mode. Use the Power
button to select your menu
options. You will be asked to
confirm the factory reset.

»» After your phone resets, it will be set back to factory defaults and will be like it just came out of the box as I've explained earlier.

Special Shoutouts to oga Makinde Azeez
... I hope to interview you on my blog soonest.

Source: Naijaloaded

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