Friday, 24 January 2014


There has been chaos at the Lagos State University Campus, Ojo since yesterday after students of the institution and school authorities clashed over the closure of the university’s registration portal.

Students went on rampage this morning, destroying properties and disrupting exams schedule to hold today after their Vice Chancellor Prof. John Obafunwa refused to re-open the registration portal for 1292 students left to register for the current 2nd semester examinations which starts today because they couldn’t raise the new N250,000 school fees on

Students gathered for over 9 hours in front of the senate building of the school yesterday 22nd of Jan. where the VC had a meeting concerning the re-opening of the portal but apparently the meeting didn’t yield anything positive as the portal wasn’t re-opened.

According to the students, only 708 were able to register before the portal was shut again leaving 1292 students to their fate.

The VC reportedly said students yet to register are insignificant and would automatically have to carry the session over. This
statement led to the riot today.

Students who went into the exam hall this morning were injured by protesting fellow students while exam papers and cards were destroyed.
The VC wasn’t spared also as
his car was destroyed by rioting students who are insisting that the portal must re-open before examinations can commence in the school.

The school authorities invited over 100 riot police to calm the situation down.

Reports reaching us also confirms that due to the riot that took place today, the school (LASU) has been closed down till further notice.

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