Monday, 13 January 2014


At last year's CES, the topic of driverless cars came up from Audi and Lexus, but it was largely talk. Just one year later, we are seeing real-world demonstrations of the technology.
New platforms for app integration in cars were also on display, as was an exciting new trend, letting drivers get information and control some car functions with a smartwatch.

Audi and BMW, along with
automotive suppliers Bosch and Valeo, demonstrated some driverless car technologies. Rather than a fully enabled autonomous vehicle that can drive across town by itself, these demonstrations focused on next-generation features that would take over some driving tasks.

For BMW, Valeo , and Bosch, it was automated parking. In the Valeo demo, a car was able to drive itself down a line of cars, find a parking space, and back into it. This type of
feature could be implemented in a car soon.

Audi also demonstrated automated parking, but took things a step further with a traffic assist feature , where the car could take over the
driving in highway traffic moving at under 40 mph. These technologies
show how automakers will
implement self-driving cars feature by feature, rather than releasing a fully autonomous car all at once.

Both BMW and Mercedes-Benz showed how an owner could use a smartwatch to
remotely unlock doors, check fuel level, honk the horn, and even send destinations to the car.

Smartwatches for the car will
definitely be a trend to watch in the coming year.

Source: CNET

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