Monday, 2 December 2013


By God's grace by the end of june
2014, Grand Theft Auto Naija for
Android should be out, This time
not from rockstar games but from one naija team of programmers.
They have been working on it and
have succesfully worked out a
means of Creating it. This is just a
little way of changing the GTA
Default Radio Stations By editing
some data, Heres the tweak.
Imagine stealing a car in the game
and you just here nigerian songs
on all the different radio stations.
Ranging From Skelewu by Davido
To Caro by Wizkid.

Try The Following:-
Create a new folder in your file
manager gta nfx files, This folder is to store the default radio stations of the game.
After That Go to Android then to
com.rockstar.gta3 or something like
that but it must have rockstar in it
open data. Then search for
The .nfx files that are up to 13mb
e.g CAT.NFX, KJAH.NFX. When you
move them to the folder make sure
you rename them from .nfx
to .mp3 then play it. If it is a
radio station rename it back to .nfx
if its not rename it to .nfx and
move it back to the folder you
moved it from.
Then Move The Music You Want To
Use To Replace the ones you moved
to the gta nfx files folder, But
rename them with the default
name. E.g if you moved class.nfx and
you want to replace it with
skelewu.mp3 rename skelewu.mp3
to class.nfx and so on. When you
are through Just Run The Game.
Note:- Do not use music that is
more than 10mb to replace
the .nfx files.
I think caro by wizkid is more that 10mb... Maybe, maybe not... Kudos to my fellow 9ja gurus and programmers.

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