Sunday, 29 December 2013


Recently, I posted on how to use freedom app on your PC

The replies I got were encouraging and positive.
Now, this is the for my fellow Android users, this tweak goes to you.
I sincerely acknowledge the efforts of the developer of the your- freedom vpn software. *Thumbs up*
No need to ask if it's working cos the PC version rocks...
This tweak works perfectly to
those who their 3GB is looking at them with the use of Android phone.

Just follow the below procedure :-
First download your-freedom app HERE
or the alternative download link here
Then input the below settings:-
Server Connection »»
your freedom server :-
Connection mode :- DNS
port :- 53
Tweaks :- Nigeria etisalat.

Now move back to

proxy settings »»
proxy address :-
Save the connection and start flexing....
Note:- please make sure you follow the steps correctly and ask questions; complains or testimony.


  1. Hello there, its very slow. Any thing to do to make it faster?

  2. You're over loading the network
    It is important that you do not overload the underlying network. No matter what package you may have, set the bandwidth sliders in the status panel to speeds that the underlying network can actually support. For fine-tuning the downlink speed, it is often helpful if you lower the uplink speed a bit.
    Use 3G and reduce the rate of your downloading and uploading...
    UMTS/3G generally provides higher data rates and faster response times
    (a typical rate is 250 kbit/s and a typical round trip time is 200 ms, but your network provider and/or mobile
    device may have other limitations).


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