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Step 1:- Use the About This Mac information panel that's in the Apple menu.
Choose this option, then click the gray version string for
your installation of OS X. This will toggle the string between showing the OS version, the
OS build number, and your system's serial number.

Step 2 :- Use the System
Information utility's "About" panel.

This is available by clicking "More Info" in the "About This Mac" panel, or by opening the tool in the Applications » Utilities folder,
then pressing Command-i. With this panel open, you can see your Mac's model number
and some hardware information in the Overview section, along with your Mac's serial number.

The system information tool also generates an in-depth system report.
This is done by:
clicking the "System Report" button in the About panel, or by opening the System Information tool directly from the Finder.
In the report, you can click the
"Hardware" section (this is the default section), then in the "Hardware Overview"
you should see the serial number listed, as well as with other details such as processor, memory, and cache information.

Step 3 :- Look up the system's
serial number in the OS X Terminal.
This may be useful if you are logged into a remote system via SSH. To do this, you will
need to use the "system_profiler" command.
This command when used by itself will generate the same lengthy report that's produced when you open the System Information utility, so used alone it may offer too much information. However, you can limit its output to showing only hardware information (which contains the system's serial number) by running the following
version of the command:
system_profiler SPHardwareDataType
This command can be further refined by piping its output through "grep" and
filtering it to only show lines that contain the word "Serial," by the following command:
system_profiler SPHardwareDataType |
grep Serial

With these steps, you should be able to locate your Mac's serial number, which is useful for verifying eligibility for warranty service or other assistance offered by Apple.

Source: CNet

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