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I guess this is the first trick I'll post on How to unlock a modem. Though this tutorial is 100% working but
the process does not work for the
recent Huawei modems the Network
service providers make available for sales.
Although there are ways to unlock
the stubborn Huawei modems such as
the E303 series, but it usually
requires using the services of unlock softwares such as DC unlocker which
of course is not a free software.
In this post, I’ll show you on
how you can unlock any huawei modem without paying (cost effective).

Follow the steps carefully to
successfully unlock your Huawei
Steps To Unlock All Stubborn
Huawei Modems Without Paying For Unlock Credits
1. Click Here to visit the website
where you would generate the unlock
2. When the page loads, click on the
Google plus icon to login with your
Google plus account (You must have
a functional G+ account to use this
service). If you are using the
calculator First time it will ask you to Accept Terms and Condition click on
I Accept” and proceed.
3. Once you log in, type in your
Modem’s IMEI number (you'll find the numbers at the back of your modem) and Model
series in the appropriate form boxes
provided and click on
4. The Unlock code would be
generate but won’t be visible till you
click on the +1 button to share the
page. Sharing the page on G+ using
the button reveals the Unlock code to unlock your huawei modem.
5. The code generate would look like this
Model No. :- E303s-1
IMEI :- 834548010418202
NEW ALGO CODE :- 88028383
OLD ALGO CODE :- 35410271
FLASH CODE :- 94602058
Copy the codes generated to
notepad. The problem you'll encounter is knowing the particular code you are
to unlock the modem with. But not to
worry, Click Here and insert your
modem’s IMEI number then click on “Submit IMEI“.
This would help you
determine which of the codes would unlock your modem.
If it loads a result as “Please Proceed
To Huawei New Algorithm!” then the NEW ALGO CODE generated by the unlocker is your modem’s unlock code, else if you get “Please Proceed
To Huawei Old Algorithm!“, then the OLD ALGO CODE generated is what you need to unlock your Huawei modem, you get it?
6. Now insert an alien sim
(SIM not supported on your
huawei modem) for example: if your modem is made from etisalat, insert either Airtel, Glo or MTN sim into the
modem and insert it to your
computer, you will receive a
dialogue box pop up asking for your modem’s unlock PIN,input the NEW or OLD ALGO CODE generate as your
case may be and click on the
UNLOCK button provided.
Finally, you've successfully unlock your modem! 'Badt sharp guy' You just unlocked
your Huawei modem without paying a dime.
Please do not be stingy cos you didn't pay for me to teach you this tutorial which some people earn a leaving from unlocking modems... please Share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and your email list just as a sign to say thank you. I would
really appreciate it.


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  4. Nice information really useful for those who want to unlock their Huawei modem from network lock. However i got my Huawei E303 modem unlocked from network lock at here they helped me to unlock my modem using unlock code .

    1. Interesting... That's good to know... Thanks for stopping by...


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