Sunday, 20 October 2013


Years after winning the coveted
Miss World crown, Agbani Darego
remains beautiful like a gazelle,
with little or no additional flesh on
her slim frame.
But if you ask her how she has
managed to stay so slim and
beautiful through the years, the
elegant former beauty queen has a
simple answer:
“I eat well, work
out, do some yoga and generally
take care of my body.”
With a smart head on her
shoulders, Darego recently added
‘entrepreneur’ to her already
crowded curriculum vitae with the
launch of her own denim line.
But that does not make everything
rosy. To the former world’s most
beautiful woman, there are
challenging moments which she
did not allow to daunt her.
“I am human,” she says.

She adds:
“There are moments
where it seems that moving back to
Nigeria, setting up a business and
working on several projects all
seem too much for me to take on.
Nevertheless, we have to work hard
and pursue what we want to do. I
don’t think it is wise for me or
anybody to give up when things
are not working out the way we
expected them to. For example, I
first released promotional pictures
for my clothing line some months
ago and I had hoped to open the
place a month or two after.
“However, I had some issues with
my production team, I could have
given up but I did not, I
persevered and together, we
figured out the best solution.
Now, we actually have a better
production line because of that
issue. It all goes to prove that if
you believe and work hard at what
you want and don’t give up in the
middle of everything, you would
achieve whatever you set your
mind on.
“I am inspired by the fact that I
have a huge project on my hands
and I am determined to push it. I
have been blessed with
opportunities and it would be a
shame if I don’t make use of the
opportunities. Young girls all over
the world look up to us, we have to
prove to them that dreams can be
realised with hard work and
Source: Punch News

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