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I saw this post on Nairaland forum, which I find informative to an extent. I hope you do take your time to go through his opinion.

Why Should I Buy A Nokia Android Phone?

1. Battery:
One thing the local market has come to know Nokia phones for is their terrific battery life. Everyone using
one of Nokia’s lower end phones (especially those nicknamed “torchlight” phones) can attest to the steady power of Nokia’s batteries.
Expectation is rife that Nokia
continues the trend with their X series which would be awesome as most people are seeking out Android phones with vextended battery life.

2. Cheaper:
At not much over $120, the
Nokia X series phones would line up as some of the cheapest Android phones by a name brand company. It is expected not to cost over N27000 in the local market so if you are looking to buy a brand new Android phone without breaking your account or buying a Tecno,you have a very viable alternative in the X series.

3. Attractive:
Having designed the X series in the model of their Asha
series, the Nokia X series phones come in a variety of
cool colours that could match your taste in color and some of your outfits!

4. Popular Brand:
I’ve heard quite a number of people complain about having to buy Tecno phones because they are “Chinese”. While that is a really pointless argument, Nokia have provided an actual name brand, mid-range to low end
Android phone for such consumer demographic. Now you can buy a phone and not have to hide the brand name on the case!

Why You Should Not Buy A Nokia Android

1. Specs:
One would have expected
Nokia’s first foray into the Android market to be a bit more adventurous than what they have produced. 8mp camera power and at least 1gb of RAM have become industry standard for mid-range Android devices.

With none of Nokia’s three X series phones meeting these specs, one feels a tad
disappointed at their effort.
Check out:
         - Nokia Android Specs

2. A different UI:
If you are used to the stock/generic Android interface, the
UI on Nokia’s X series phones might surprise you.

The User Interface is designed to mimic Microsoft Windows Phone 8′s metro UI, something most Android users are not familiar with.

Now while other manufacturers have custom user interfaces (HTC has HTC Sense and Samsung has their Nature UI), Nokia’s X series UI is quite a departure from
the traditional Android interface.

3. No Play Store or stock Google apps:
One of the awesome things about Android phones is the Google Play Store that gives you access to and makes so much easier for you to download and install your favorite apps on your Android device.

Well, not on the X series. Nokia’s X series will ship without Google’s stock android apps (Play Store, Play Services, Play Music, Google Maps, Hangouts, Google Plus

Now while Nokia will replace most of them (a Nokia store will stand in for play store, Skype, Microsoft Outlook, etc), you can’t help but feel you will be getting a little less functionality and doing a little more work to get certain things running.

For instance, adding a Google account with an Android devices signs you on to your Google account with all Google apps (hangouts, play store, YouTube, gmail etc) and keeps your contacts backed up on Google contacts. It remains to be seen what alternative Nokia is going to use in their place.

Nokia has, however assured that 75% of apps on the play store would be compatible with their phones and those that aren’t can easily be ported but wouldn’t it be much easier to have them all in one place? Say, Play Store?
Eh, Nokia?

My own view about the Nokia Android is straight-forward, if it doesn't have the specs I want - No need of getting it...

What's your say?

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