Thursday, 13 March 2014


This is a Windows Phone 8.1 video demo that is based on the camera interface.

The camera UI on Windows Phone 8 was the one of the most innovative interfaces of recent years and the 8.1 update builds on that.

The default WP8.1 camera is called Microsoft Camera.
Check out:
         - Microsoft Already
Working On WP 8.5 Phones

Changes to it include a column of settings on the left side of the screen. Those can be customized with any five of the multiple settings available in the camera.

Also, a Burst shot button has been placed between the Still and Video mode buttons. Unsaved bursts are deleted after 7 days by default to save space, but you can change that setting.

An option in the Settings menu groups photos by time and location.

Here is a brief glimpse at the run-up
to configuring Cortana on windows phone 8.1

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