Saturday, 15 March 2014


Russia is blocking websites critical of President Vladimir Putin.

The Prosecutor General’s office ordered Russian Internet service providers to cut off access to a handful of websites, including the blog of famed chess champion, Garry Kasparov.

“These sites contain incitement to illegal activity and participation in public events held in violation of the established order.”

Kasparaov immediately took to Twitter to denounce the move:

Not only did Putin block access to opposition news sites in Russia, but Rus govt contacted our admin to turn off servers. They work fast.
11:41 PM - 13 Mar 2014
Garry Kasparov

Blocking theses websites is just the latest in a turbulent month for the Russian government. Earlier this month, Russia blocked over a dozen Ukrainian activist websites, protesting their military intervention of Crimea.

Last week, a Russia Today anchor quit on-air, saying she could no longer work for a network that
“whitewashes” Putin’s image.

Putin has defended his free speech record, claiming that he is preserving order and upholding the law.

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