Saturday, 22 March 2014


The mega technology firm NOKIA Solutions Network (NSN), has expanded its operations in Nigeria, with the opening of new offices in Lagos NSN sets to further expose their business to Africa and Nigeria by the opening to these offices as they are always given totally to help operators in the Middle East and Africa region build world-class mobile broadband infrastructure.

The outlets were commissioned by the Senior
President of Middle East and Africa region Igor Leprince.

“NSN is committed to further
strengthening its focus on Nigeria and helping telecom operators build a reliable, superior mobile broadband network across the country including mid-size cities and rural areas",
said Leprince.
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He added,
“With two modern offices
and expanded operations in the country, we are ready to deliver large-scale mobile broadband rollouts in Nigeria, as the world’s specialist in mobile broadband as well as with the expertise and
experience gained from the most advanced telecom markets such as Japan and Korea, NSN will help operators in Nigeria become
advanced mobile broadband
providers on par with the world’s leading telecom services providers. ”

The opening of the new office in Lagos was welcomed by Dr
Okechukwu Itanyi, Executive
Commissioner, Nigeria
Communications Commission (NCC) and stated
“The opening of the new
office by NSN in our country will be beneficial for strengthening Nigeria’s mobile broadband
infrastructure and economy”

This gives Nigeria a technology
boost in the telecom market which is fast growing with subscribers increasingly adopting smart devices and demanding high quality voice and data services.

Source: Techcityng

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