Friday, 14 March 2014


Samsung's Galaxy S5 may be
getting lots of smart new
accessories, but the Korean
smartphone maker is also making sure its lower-powered phones get some love too.

After including various software usability functions in the Galaxy Core Advance at the end of last year, the company today introduced three new accessories that have been designed
specifically to help disabled or
visually impaired users do more with their Android device.

First up is the Optical Scan Stand, a raised bracket that automatically triggers the phone's OCR features to recognize and read aloud text placed in front of the phone.

There's also Voice Labels, which are similar to Samsung's NFC-equipped TechTile stickers, but let visually impaired users make
voice notes or record short
explanations on how to use
various devices around the home.
Check out:
         - Google Wearable Android Devices

Perhaps the most impressive
accessory of the three is
Samsung's Ultrasonic Cover: a
specialized case that uses sound waves to detect people or objects (in a two-meter radius), helping users navigate new surroundings
by sending vibration or spoken alerts.

Even without the accessories, the Galaxy Advance Core features a trio of physical buttons on the front and dedicated camera and voice recorder buttons on the side, assisting smartphone owners that don't want to rely solely on on- screen controls.

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