Saturday, 29 March 2014


To all Windows Phone users that are expecting to download Google apps on Windows Phones Store, beware of Fake apps!

A good number of users could be target for scams using fake versions of Google apps, like the ones we have seen hit the Windows Phone Store recently.

Luckily, these fakes aren't exactly the most well-made fakes around. The most deceiving part of the scam is that the publisher for the apps is listed as "Google, Inc.", whereas the real Google is listed as "Google Inc." (no comma).
Check out:
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Once you get past that, the fakes are relatively easy to spot. The first major red flag is that all of the apps (Hangouts, Maps, Search, Voice, and Google+) are listed at $1.99, when it is pretty common knowledge that Google is all about free services.

The screenshots for the Google+ app are obviously just taken from the mobile website through IE, and the Google Voice screenshot isn't even showing the correct app. Instead, it is showing an app for voice memos.

Obviously, we don't expect that any of these apps will last too long in the Windows Phone Store, but in the meantime, we wanted to bring attention to the fakes apps.

This is a similar issue of fake BBM apps on Google play store some months back.

Microsoft needs to be security alert of such occurrence and try to fix it before users fall victims of the scam or What Do You Think?


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