Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Lol... most people scare away from android phones because they have the phobia of the touchscreen device falling on the ground.

Most of them believe that handling such devices is risky because it's fragile and can break or scratch at any moment.

HTC has generously proclaimed it will replace cracked screens at no extra cost.

How do you mean?

First off HTC will resupply fresh devices to customers who have owned phones for under six months.

Second, the company will only swap out HTC's current One family of handsets. Specifically
that means the flagship HTC One, HTC One Mini, and HTC One Max .
So if you crave a refurbished One S , or One X , for no cash
you're out of luck.

Thirdly, HTC will honor the offer just once, so repeat screen-breakers need not apply. :-P

Another aspect of HTC's new support system is a pledge to push timely Android software
updates to its devices.

HTC had this to say:

HTC was the first in the United States and Canada, outside of Google-owned
companies and Google Play editions of devices, to begin delivering KitKat to its customers. HTC not only strives to deliver faster updates, but to provide full transparency to consumers on the process and status of each device update.

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