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It's no longer news that Airtel BIS is still working for non-bb devices like Android phones and PC.
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         - Airtel BIS is still working on PC

But the fact is that many users are complaining about the internet speed of Airtel nowadays. It's very obvious.

To the extent that some users can't browse well during daytime due to the slow internet speed but the speed is very fast at midnight.

I'm so sad about Nigeria internet service, it's pathetic :-(
Well, glory to God we're seeing some improvements :-D
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         - New Airtel cheap internet plans

To cut the long story short, let's find a solution to today's topic.

How To Fix Airtel Slow Internet Connection

It is very simple, as you all know that not all places have 3G service, but did you notice that airtel automatically switch the service from 3G to 2G network on your
smartphone or Pc ( using a modem dongle ) ? This is caused by weak 3G signal.

How will i know if my network is in 3G or 2G?

It is also simple, with your Airtel modem do you notice the light that blinks in your modem? The Green (2G) , Blue (3G) and Aqua (3.5G).
But it's only some mobile phones that show the 2G, 3G and 3.5G.
You have to make the network stable and normal if you want your internet connection to be fast.

How To Fix Airtel Slow Internet
Connection On Smartphones.

Go to:
»» settings panel
»» wireless & network
»» scroll to your mobile network settings
»» click on 3G service and select WCDMA only.
On some Android phones, you'll see Network Operators. Click on it and select Airtel 3G.

Now your phone will avoid all the 2G craps and connect with 3G only.

How To Fix Airtel Slow Internet Connection On Your PC ( Using Modem )

Open your modem network app to connect. After you're connected, click on Tools in the top menu
Click on Options »» Network Type,
you will see the network type settings and registration mode, now change the network type to WCDMA only.

In the same panel, click on
registration mode , select
the manual search and register mode and save.

This short solution to your problems of internet speed on your Airtel has been tested and confirmed on different devices.

Source: Dawahnet


  1. Good tips to fix the slow internet connection. It really worked for me. I checked the change in my internet connection by having an internet speed test from Thank you.


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