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You're welcome, we all know that Google is the best search engine on the web and it ranks as No. 1 in the world based Alexa rankings.

To some people, the take Google as an Online school to learn anything in the world.

To get the most out of Google search, you must instruct the search engine to bring exactly what you want.

Since Google is the largest search engine in the world, i'll share with you some tricks on

How To Search Like A Pro On

Make use of these tips below:

1. Use of Quotation Marks and Key Phrases when looking for something on Google.

Envelope the key word with quotation marks to instruct the search engine to bring all about what you searching for.
For example:
if you type in "9ja Tech Arena", the search engine would bring all about 9ja Tech Arena
and nothing else.

2. Time Range Search

If you want to know about the La Liga between 2011 to 2014.
Take for example:
Your search would look like this La Liga 2011...2014.
This would instruct the
search engine to bring up all about the La Liga between 2011 and 2014.

3. Document Type Search

If you are looking for a particular file type, let's say a PDF file.
For example:
You can instruct Google to look for PDF files on Technology by typing in
"Filetype: PDF Technology".

For word file replace PDF with docx, for PowerPoint files put in ppt, for excel type in xls.

4. Inclusive Search

If you want search engine to bring up two terms in the search, like Apple and Mac.

For example:
Just type Apple OR Mac.

5. Searching for Word Definition

You don't need to type a word on Google and start looking for dictionary definition on dictionary sites.
For example:
To get a definition on Google
just type "define: word" and the definition would pop up on top page.

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