Saturday, 4 January 2014


Today, Twitter’s Vine has
announced full web profiles for all of its users, something it has lacked until this point. It has also introduced a new TV Mode that lets you watch videos in full screen on your computer.

You can view videos, browse users’ back catalogue and interact with them on the web. This includes viewing your home feed, liking,
commenting and sharing videos.

The profiles are roughly similar to those offered by other social services like Instagram, and should offer easier browsing of multiple

Vines on the web.

Previously, you could look at one video at a time but there was no way to jump from
that video directly to a user’s other work on the web — but you could on the mobile app.

Vine had announced plans to create web profiles late last year, and offered reservations for custom
URLs ahead of the launch. They’re now rolling out to all users.
This is not a full version of Vine for the web, as you can’t record videos with your webcam, but it does offer
an easier way to give people access to all of your published Vines.

The new TV Mode is quite
enjoyable, though it plays through your videos one after another, rather than looping.

Source:- Techcrunch

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