Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Leading online retailer, Konga
has released shopping trends
on its site for 2013 which
shows Samsung and TECNO

products leading the pack
with top sales for the year.

According to the report, the
best selling smartphone of
the year was the TECNO
Phantom A+, ranked based
on the number of search
queries on its site, total
number of purchases and
total number of requests on
its social media channels.

The TECNO Phantom A+, a
5.0-inch smartphone running
Android OS 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
with a brilliant 8.0 mega
pixel primary and 1.2MP
front facing camera, comes
with a 1.2GHz Quad Core
Processor, 1024MB of RAM,
4GB built-in storage, a Dual
SIM slot and a 2100mAh
battery capacity.

The company also revealed
that the most anticipated
tech gadget launches of the
year were the Sony
Playstation 4 console and the
TECNO Phantom A3
smartphone based on
number of search queries on
its website and total number
of orders and sales.

As the fastest-selling phone
manufacturer in Africa,
TECNO also became the most
popular brand of the year in
the Gadgets category, while
Samsung became the most
popular brand in the Home
and Kitchen category. The
best-selling game for the
year was Grand Theft Auto V,
making the popular game
maker, Rockstar Games the
brand of the year in the
Game category.
Konga, which launched as a
daily needs-only retail site
back in July 2012, completed
its first calender year as a
full-fledged general merchandise online retailer.

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