Wednesday, 8 January 2014


We all know the tech market us very competitive.
Earlier yesterday morning LG introduced wearable tech,
and now it looks like Sony’s turn to do the same.
Sony Mobile president and CEO Kuni Suzuki took the stage at the tail end of Sony’s
CES (Customer Electronic Shoe) press conference to show off what he called
“the tiniest gadget Sony has ever made” — the life-
tracking Sony Core.

What does he mean?

Life-tracking is a wearable device for tracking user activity in a bid to make them more health-conscious.

Sony’s approach is meant
to also fold into your social and entertainment into the mix as well.

The Core is indeed capable of
tracking your motion in addition how long you sleep, and the ability to keep tabs on the photos you’ve taken, the music you’re listening to,
and how often you interact with particular friends. All of that data gets folded into a (presumably non-final) grid-centric app view for easy perusal, though at this point it’s not clear if Sony means to make that companion app available solely for its own devices.

And How does the Core connects to you phone?

It's via bluetooth.
It seems that the Core will
occasionally send sensor data
updates to the phone at which
point it gets mashed together with all that social and entertainment information to complete Sony’s complete lifelogging package. In
the event that the connection
between the two is lost, the Core will continue to record that data and it’ll vibrate on your wrist as long as you’re within a certain range.

Mr. Suzuki noted that
Sony was engaging in talks with other hardware manufacturers so Core adopters will have a sizable
array of accessories (like Sony’s own color wristbands) to pair with their tiny trackers.

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