Monday, 6 January 2014


Google playstore have finally
release a Playstation 4 application for android users. This app was newly released on the 26th of November,

What does it offer you?

This PS4 companion app will let you do everything from manage and chat with your friends, compare trophies,
and brings second- screen
functionality to your Android device on games that support it.
One good thing about this app is that you can directly get a demos or full games from the app through the
playstation store directly to your playstation 4 from your android device.

Still not satisfied? Want to know more?

From the google playstore site, here are some brief description about the
The Official PS4Spot mobile app is now on Android™. In depth PlayStation 4 reviews, PS4 news and analysis from the most trusted sources in the world. Videos, pictures, tutorials, and a place to
share, all compiled in a mobile
friendly format with easy access on your Android™ device.
Get all the latest information on the PS4 console, PlayStation 4 games, and so much more. No intrusive
features, very lightweight and collects no personal information. This application is not provided by, endorsed, licensed or otherwise
associated with SCEA.
As for me i call this application an Emulator.

Where can i download this app?

You can download the app from your google playstore or download it HERE

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