Saturday, 25 January 2014


Japanese lingerie company Ravijour doesn't want its customers to settle for anything less than true love. That's why it developed the True Love Tester, a bra with a mission to keep its contents contained until the wearervis really head over heels.

Ravijour calls it
"a revolutionary bra that knows how women truly feel."

What is the function of the bra?

A promotional video implies the brassiere could help save women from one-night stands with less-than-savory men.

How does the bra works?

The bra contains a heart-rate sensor and sends the data it collects, via Bluetooth, to an app for analysis. The app calculates what the designers call the "true love rate,"
comparing the readings to activities like shopping, watching a horror movie, flirting, jogging, or receiving a surprise gift.
When the app calculates a change that correlates with a true-love rate, the bra unhooks automatically from the front.

There must be a disadvantage, what are the side effects?

Yes, we have just discovered the flaw in the plan.
What if you're out in public, strolling down the street, and the object of your affection comes into sight?
There goes your bra.Inconvenient? Yes.

Since the bra is of Japanese design, it gives us some delightful opportunities to put Google's Web site translation skills to the test. Ravijour's blog post about the brabtranslates as,
"Bra hook does not come off
and there is no world's first love, of truth!"

The Ravijour team behind the bra says it could become a valuable companion for women the world over, but there is no word on pricing or availability yet.
In the meantime, you'll just have to use your better judgement rather than an app.
What's your own opinion on this?


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