Wednesday, 15 January 2014


To all my fellow Android users, I'm using the application at
the moment and I am looking for what to type that's why I'm posting this now and it's very interesting.
I found out about this app when I visited the facebook profile of the C.E.O of, Kolawole Olarenwaju

What are the features of the app?

TouchPal Wave: Sentence gesture, use the gesture to input commonly used phrases/ sentences.

TouchPal Curve: Word gesture technology. Sliding up or down gesture to input number or symbol .

Emoji X: Flip up Space for emoji & smileys. Contextual prediction. Blind type on your touchscreen .

Save » 90% of keystrokes. Learns your Tweets/messages/contacts to
personalize candidate outputs.
Walkie-Talkie style voice input.
T+ dual-letter layout: bigger keys than QWERTY.

Other features that it has...

Supports more than 70 languages. Toolbar plugins
(Twitter plugin). Mixed language prediction.

Keyboard meter and speed statistics tracker. Multiple themes available.

One-hand keyboard layout for large touchscreen.

How to setup the app

»» Install & activate
»» Launch the TouchPal from app list and follow the steps to activate TouchPal X.

You may receive a warning when activating TouchPal X saying:
This keyboard may collect your personal data. We take your privacy seriously.
TouchPal X does not collect your private data including password or credit card info.

The warning message when you enable the keyboard is a standard message in Android for ANY third- party keyboard app.
Refer to our privacy
policy at

How to use touchpal wave

Once you start entering a word, you can use TouchPal Wave to tap on the first correct prediction it makes, and then drag it down to the space bar.

Words will dynamically emerge out of the keys, suggesting next possible words in your sentence.
You can drag your finger from word to word, eventually entering an entire sentence in a matter of seconds.

How to download the touchpal

Download HERE

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