Friday, 10 January 2014


2013 was a favorable year for most MTN users.
Like rich will say, 'I smile to the bank'
MTN users will say,  'I smile whenever I see my data plan'.
The reason for all these smiling is not far fetched, it's the MAGIC SIM.

2013 has come and gone, what next?

I've got good news for you, there's now a new way to activate the MTN MAGIC SIM yourself.
It's simple and straightforward. The internet speed 'no be here!'...

No need for long thing, show us the way...

For your own convenience, I'll arrange it in stages.

Stage 1:- Buy A New Mtn Sim
And Register (sim card is FREE now, no need to spend a dime)
Warning:- Please dont call any number with the new sim.

Stage 2:- Migrate to MTN Family and Friends by dialing *407#.

Stage 3:- Recharge N250 via your phone and set your time to 0;00 And Date 12/12/2015

Stage 4:- Go to your message ,leave 3 Space and type 2H Send to 131.

Stage 5:- Remove the sim and put it inside your Modem, Browse and make Sure you use the 150mb (that's why you recharge N250, you didn't use your cash for nothing) within the 2hrs still Connected to the Modem.
If your Browser is not working again, and you didn't receive message from Mtn, know that you have exhausted your 150mb. Please don't Disconnect your Modem.
Stage 6:- Just go to message and type 2 Send To 131. You'll see the message of you have exhausted your 2hrs Plan.

Stage 7:- Then type Reset and Send To 131. Send it at least 5 Times.
Do not Disconnect on your modem has I've previously warned you in stage 5.

Check your Browser, your internet will pickup.
Then you a back on board Browsing again!

I shared majorly to diss some haterz here who drop Anonymous comments against me and my fans.
If this tweak works for you, you'll have to pay me for my service... *lol*

Don't forget:

Use a new mtn sim!!!

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