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You're using an Android phone and you're frequently experiencing some low memory problems on your phone? Are you tired of continiuosly deleting your favorite app or file all because you want to free your memory? Up till now, you still experience low phone memory issues? I feel your pains.

I'm fed up... What can I do?

After series of research online, here is a solution to your problems. It has been confirmed tested and working by many Android phone users. No need to worry anymore.

Follow these procedures:

Note:- Your phone must be ROOTED in order to view the secret "evil" files taking up space.

Disclaimer:- I shall not be
held responsible for any damaged/bricked phones after proceeding with the procedures below. Reading this post means you have agreed to handle your devices at your own will.

Let's get it started...

Know that the files in Internal Storage cannot be browsed using a normal file browser because inherently Android states that files in this storage be and remain "private".

There must be something inside that is roughly taking up all that space.

Step 1 :- Root your phone.(You can download framaroot to root your phone)

Step 2 :- Download the Root Browser app from the google playstore:

Step 3:- Reboot your phone

Step 4:- Open the newly installed Root Browser app, a pop up might come.stating if you want to give the app root permission. Go ahead and grant the permission.

Step 5:- Locate or scroll to /data/ and delete the folder "log" or "log_other_mode"

Note:- if you are not sure of which folder contains the log files meant for deletion, kindly copy the folder and paste it in another destination where you can easily find it without hassle. So it will act as a backup in case you delete the wrong files and mess up your phone unintentionally.

Step 6 :- Now go and check the storage you have left.

How FREE is your memory space now?

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Thank you...

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