Sunday, 5 January 2014


if you use your computer alot, sometimes you might experience some slow down in the system.
Also, most people will ask that why is their PC slowing down after downloading a particular software or application.
When you turn your
computer on in the morning, do you have time to walk the dog before it finishes booting up? Do you spend the bulk of your time on the Internet waiting for your computer
to take you from one website to the next?

Today, I'm going to share with you some useful tips that will be useful to you in order to make your computer faster.

Step 1 :- Reboot your computer:-

Hmmmmm? *sounds simple right?* Some people leave their computers on all the time, which in itself could slow it down. It is advisable that when you're not making use of your computer, put it to Sleep or Hibernate it.
Just hold down ALT+ F4 and you'll Sleep or Hibernate.

Step 2:- Be up-to-date:-

Have you updated your operating
system and anti-virus application
recently? Update your OS and your antivirus too it'll make your computer system work with ease
Note:- anti-virus software will probably slow your computer down.

Step 3:- Make changes:-

If you installed a new application last week, make sure your machine meets the software manufacturer’s
specifications. If you think this
might be the issue, uninstall the software, reboot your machine and see if your computer picks up

Step 4:- Have you checked your hardware? :-

Did you connect a remote hard drive, a printer, photocopier or a scanner recently?
Remove the devices one at a time and reboot your computer to determine whether hardware is what’s slowing your PC down.

Step 5 :-Your computer memory space :-

Make sure that your hard drive is not almost exhausted – if it is;
add a remote drive or replace the drive you have with a larger one.
Make sure you have enough RAM to handle what you’re
doing on your computer. At least, you should have a gigabyte of RAM.

Step 6 :- It’s time for a tune-up :-

Several applications are available that claim to clean up your PC and make it run faster. Some might be helpful and healthy for your computer.

Step 7 :- You have too much files :-

Uninstall any applications, software, and
browser plugins and toolbars as well that you no longer find
useful. Even music, videos, pictures (in general, sanitize your system).
If you don’t keep up with
uninstalling programs then all of a sudden your computer will become stuffed up and slow. You can speed up your computer performance by
simply not storing files you don’t need. Ask yourself this question, what's this file doing on my system? No genuine reason, delete it!

Step 8 :- Be versatile :-

Make sure you download and install the latest updates and patches for your operating system as I have explained earlier. Updates are there for a reason and usually a very good reason. Ignoring them
only means you would be running obsolete softwares.

Step 9:- New hardware :-

If your computer already has at least an Intel Core 2 processor, you could replace your current hard drive with a solid state drive. This option will cost you some money,
but it’s cheaper than buying a
whole new computer, and there’s a good chance it will solve many of the problems that have been slowing your PC.

Step 10 :- Common Sense :-

Lastly, Keeping your hot and cold beverages away from
your computer is one good idea if you want the machine to continue to run efficiently.
Simply apply common sense.

I hope you find this post useful? Kindly reply us with your comments below...

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