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If you're thinking of getting an ipad or you already have on, these are some of the uncommon features you'll like to know it...

- Take a screenshot

If you need a screenshot, whether it’s to prove your high score in a new game or to send an important chart to the office, taking one is quick and easy. Press and hold the
Sleep/Wake button (on the top of the iPad, on the right-hand side) and the Home button at the same
time. The screenshot will be added to your camera roll.
- Multi-touch gestures

As you know that the iPad is a touchscreen device but even those who have mastered swiping, tapping and pinching to zoom often don’t know about some of the more complex controls. Turn them on in Settings »General » Multitasking Gestures
Then try following below:
» Place four fingers on the screen and swipe upwards to reveal the multitasking bar; swipe down to close it again.
Swipe left or right with four fingers to switch between apps
» Pinch four fingers together to close the running app and return to the homescreen.
Do this very slowly and you can watch the animation as the app fades out and the homescreen fades in.
Note:- Don’t forget
a single-finger swipe up from the bottom reveals frequently used settings and from the top information about today.
- Typing tricks

There are several ways to make typing easier on your iPad. Here are a few steps:
» Caps Lock: Sometimes you need to type all in capitals and hitting Shift before each letter is a very stressful.
Not to worry,
» Caps Lock is easy: make sure the Caps Lock function is turned ON
Settings » General » Keyboard » double-tap either shift button whenever you are typing to turn on Caps Lock.
» Hidden punctuation: Just tap
and hold the exclamation mark to get an apostrophe and tap and hold the question mark for speech
» Split the keyboard: It can be
hard to type on the iPad when you are holding it in your hands. Apple has an option to make this slightly easier by allowing you to split the keyboard into two. Just place two fingers near the centre of the keyboard and drag them apart. The keyboard will split into two,
smaller halves – one on each side of the screen – making it easier to hold the iPad in two hands and type with your thumbs.
» Shortcuts: If there are certain phrases, names or other terms that you type frequently, you can create shortcuts for them under Settings » General » Keyboard Type “omw”, for example, and the iPad will enter “on my way”.
- Parental controls

Children love iPads very well mostly because of the games and there are some great apps available for children. However, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to control the things your children are able to do with your iPad. You might not want them to have unrestricted access to the web, for example, and it might be painful if they delete your favourite apps.
You certainly don’t want to let
them loose in the App Store if
they’re spending on your credit card. All of those things and more can be set within the Settings » General » Restrictions menu.
Once set, the Restrictions settings are pin-protected so that only you can change them.
- Tap title bar to return to top

Scrolling all the way up to the top of a long page can be stressful.
That’s why Apple included a
shortcut: just tap on the title bar at the top of the screen to
automatically jump to the top. This should work across most apps, except for the odd perverse developer who opts to turn it off, thus condemning users to an
irritating time swiping screen after screen.
- Find text on a page

On a computer CTRL+F is a
way to find a word or phrase on the page you’re reading or in a document.
Do you know that you can also do the same thing on an iPad too.
Type the word or phrase you are looking for into the search box in the top and
if it appears on the page then you will see an ‘On This Page’ section in the search results.
Tap that to see the word highlighted on the page.

Source: PunchNews

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