Thursday, 12 December 2013


Jwp is A web tunnelling App which Is capable of Conecting You To the Internet Via its Server in the presence Of A Browser that supports Http connection.

How to enjoy it on your etisalat -- Configure your setting as follows PHONE CONFIGURATION :- Connection name = JWP
Access point = etisalat Proxy server address =
Proxy port = 8080
save and exit.
JWP SETUP :- DOWNLOAD JWP V2.0 HERE alternative Download Here
configure it as follow...
Protocol = HTTP
Http port = 8080
Jwp username = 9jaTechArena Blog
Jwp password = 9jaTechArena
Isp proxy =
Isp port = 8080
Filter proxy = (blank)
Host =
Append string = (blank)
Tweak = Etisalat NG
NOTE :- Save the above settings & connect it with the access point you created. Now, test it first by browsing my blog. Make sure you change the browser protocol to HTTP.  
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