Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Welcome, lately I dropped a tweak on how to use mtn simple server to browse the internet on your PC for FREE

This evening I'm going to be discussing with you MTN latest cheat for FREE. Though this tweak has been out for quite some time but I decided to confirm first before posting it.
Now, let's get it started... Firstly make sure you have nothing in your mtn account i.e 0.00k
Secondly Send 'fb0' to '131' The zero is number not letter.
Note:- if the you're browsing
and you find out is not
Solution:- just resend Fb0 to 131, by doing so, you're on the right track.
Now, Goto settings, Create new access point
Use 9jaTechArena blog or you can use any name you like, then
Apn :-
IP :-
Port :- 8080
Now Open The simple server app
Download Here OR alternative download here
Acess Point :- choose the access point you created (9jaTechArena blog)
Local Host :-
Local Port :- 8080
Click On HTTP Query :-
Front query :- None
Middle Qury :- None
Back Query :- None
Reverse Query :- None
Inject Query :-
Inject Method :- HEAD
Inject Newline :- rn
Inject SplitLINE :- Default
Click on HTTP Header :-
Add/Del/Rep Header 1 :- Http
Add/Del/Rep Header 1 :-
Add/Del/Rep Header 2 :-
Add/Del/Rep Header 2 :- none
Add/Del/Rep Header 3 :-
Others shuold be :- None
Click On server Config :-
Fetch Server :- none
Keep Server :- None
Url Replacer :- None
Advaced Mode :- yes
Tunel Proxy :- No
Https Connection :- yes
Server Buffer :- 1024
Screen size :- Normal
Proxy Host :-
Proxy Port :- 8080
Exit and Open it again,
Open your browser Ucweb, google chrome, firefox, 2go Or
Opera, Connect with the
access point you created.

Shikena Yowa!!!

If you have any problem or issues about this tweak, use the comment below.

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