Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Hi guys, still on the xmas love sharing season...
I am glad to inform you that we have detect a perfect solution to Etisalat Bis On Android phones and PC which  refused to work.

I acknowledge the messages I got here, on facebook and on twitter.
Before I start, I posted on the possible problem you might encounter here
Now it's time for those who wished to re-subscribed and those who have subscribed to the Etisalat BIS plan but can’t use their 3G when the 15mb get exhausted to enjoying this plan on their Android phone.

Check out the Latest & Super Working Method on How To get it:-

1. Get a blackberry phone (Either you from a friend/family/enemy borrow it or not)
2. Insert that sim that contain 3GB (You will notice that you can’t even ping with the so called 3GB even on BB phone)
3. Call customer care by dialing 200 and tell them to activate the BB complete package for you that it’s
currently not active on your device
4. Once it’s activated, surf with it on that same blackberry phone and
make sure you ping with it (Just to be sure it’s been activated)
5. Now, subscribe for the bb10 15mb again on that same BB device and wait for the confirmation message
that your subscription to bb10 daily voice plan is successful.
6. Once it’s confirmed active, you can remove your sim and set your apn to on any device you

wish to use, connect, browse, download and don't forget to thank me later.
Note :- New people can also
subscribe to it now and if you wish to reactivate the plan again, just follow the above steps. If you don’t get a Blackberry phone to do it, don’t try it or you kiss your money goodbye ^-^.
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1 comment:

  1. Customer care are aware of dis. So ur money is wasted, ur plan 3072mb remains until it expires or de place u on der black list.
    Is no more working. Asabs


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