Thursday, 19 December 2013


Hmmmmm java phone, back then when boys use Nokia 2700classic but boys are now men we have upgrade to Android.
All the same, there's still a little population of young nigerians that use java phones.
One of the major problem these set of people encounter is Virus attack which is also common to all phones.

Nowadays, Virus have been so
rampart on different java phones due to the fact that there is no recommended antivirus
application for them. Unlike we the smartphone users that we secure our phones with Avast antivirus, AVG, Netqin, etc.

Well am going to base this tutorial on how to delete viruses from your java
phones manually.
To get started,
First download a bluetooth FTP

Then open your blueftp app and locate your memory card E/:

Note :- If there is any virus, it would be shown as,autorun.exe (common virus on phones and PC)e.t.c
Something like that is known as the java invisible virus, this invisible virus is always affecting java phone
to be slow or its we be causing your device to switch off and on.
And when trying to delete those
invisible files with your blueftp, it
replies you ''unable to delete file'', it
simply means the invisible virus
cannot be deleted
Just locate the files one after the
other, remember we are still making
use of our blueftp, then once you
locate any of those files listed above
i.e or autorun.exe, press 7
Then you would be shown three
option, it would display a markable
Just mark your WRITE FLAG and READ FLAG then unmark the HIDDEN FLAG
and save.
You are almost there, once this
method is applied on all related file then quit your Blueftp.
Move to your memory card, you
would notice that your java phone is fast and the virus is gone.
You are adviced to then move to
your factory settings to restore all
your factory settings, Your nokia
restore settings default code is 12345.
That's all... Mind you if you see no positive changes in this tutorial then I'll ask you a simple question. Why are you still using a java phone when all your mate have upgrade to cheap android OS phones? Very cheap, you can get one as low as 7k... You can drop your comment if you want to get more info.
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