Sunday, 29 December 2013


Compliments of the Season...
Happy Sunday to all my loyal readers, if this your first time on my blog: 'You're Highly Welcome To 9ja Tech Arena'

I've been posting different tweaks for java phones users, smartphones users and symbian phones users too.
I'll kick of this cool morning with a tweak for my symbian phones users.
Before I start,

First download the app that will be needed for the tweak HERE
If that download link doesn't work, try this alternative download HERE
Then you can create configuration settings :-

Configuration name :- Jwp
APN :- etisalat
IP :-
Port :- 8080
Now open the app and connect »»»
It would display similar stuff like this :-
» Authencating.....
» Authencation in progress
» Done
» Account status; *** *** ******
» Connection date; ***-***-**
» listening to

remember to go through the Readme note for full instructions on the settings.
That's all, keep on flexing my symbian users...
To all my java phone, PC and Android users please be patient; I'm cooking something for you guys...
Please drop your comments if you have any complains, observations or testimony... I'll love to hear from you.

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