Thursday, 12 December 2013


Mozilla launched the latest version
of its Firefox browser for Android
and desktop yesterday. While the
desktop version gets its fair share
of minor updates and now sets all
plug-ins with the exception of
recent Flash versions as “click to
play,” the Android version is
getting some time in the spotlight .
Firefox for Android now features a
brand-new homescreen that aims to
provide users with easier access to
the sites they visit most often,
browsing history and bookmarks, as
well as Firefox’s Reading List
feature for distraction-free reading.
This new homescreen, Mozilla says,
is meant to “give you a streamlined
and speedier browsing experience
on-the-go, when you need it most.”
It made its first appearance in the
beta channel in late October and
the feedback must have been good,
because Mozilla graduated it to the
stable channel pretty quickly. It’s
available in both the phone and
tablet interface.
With this update, Firefox also now
gives its mobile users the option to
choose Bing and Yahoo for search.
Until now, mobile Firefox users had
to use Google (which still provides
the Mozilla Foundation with the
vast majority of its income). It’s
unclear if Mozilla has struck any
deals with Yahoo or Microsoft for a
similar profit-sharing agreement.
Source: TechCrunch

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