Saturday, 7 December 2013


It's a wonderful sunday morning today, brethen I bring unto you the glory of all free browsing upon your etisalat sim. Many are called to see this but only few are chosen to try this *lol* I'm not a pastor oOo... let's leave sermon for today's service and face internet
First of all,  download jwp HERE, download the
version for pc and register a
username and password if you dont
have any
follow this steps below

Click on the VPN tab Server
select any one Tweak
None Protocol :- TCP
R Port :- 1110
VPN User :- your vpn username
VPN Pass :- Your vpn password
Enable L Port and set it to 5222
Please note that the proxy account is
different from the vpn account. so in
other for you to use this, you have to
create an account and order for
Apn :- etisalat
ip :-
port :- 80
jwp settings :- Http port.80
username & pword :- Use ur own
jwp server :- http
proxy :-
port :- 80
filter proxy, host, append string;
thats all,
Enjoy and Remember to
share with your friends.
Any questions you have, just use the comment link below

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