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I can boldly say that now in nigeria that out of 10 people you'll see 6 among them who is using a smartphone. It doesn't matter whether it's Blackberry, Tecno, HTC, Samsung, iphone or Nokia Lumia. Nowadays, even dullards use smartphones.
One of the important factor to consider when buying a smartphone is it's battery capacity, its very important.But sometimes the
smartphones we like have a low
battery capacity and therefore we
have to minimize the way we use
them. I will share you some useful and reliable tips
Prolong The Battery Life Of Your

Lets go there...
Always Exit Your Apps When
You're Not Using Them:
Never forget to exit your apps when you are not using them. Leaving your apps on when they're not in use will drain you battery, even when your
phone is on standby mode.

Turn Off Your Networks When
You're Not Browsing:
Believe me or not , network connection drains battery. Some powerful smartphones
come with both 2G and 3G Network options especially android phones even some with 4G. When the network is on
3G, the browsing connection is
always faster and drains battery. So its advisable to turn off your data or it's advisable you put it in 2G Mode when you're not
browsing so as to prolong your battery life. For those using android you'll even see it as an option in your Connection settings.
Turn Off Your Bluetooth: Always turn off your bluetooth when not in use. Leaving your bluetooth on will expose your device to incoming virus as well as drain your battery. To
turn it off, naivgate to Settings »
General » Network and select options there. For android users, goto Wireless & Network settings » Tick Bluetooth to switch it Off if it's On
Turn Off The Vibration: Turn off you phone's vibration when not in use or when you phone is on silent mode.To do so , navigate to Settings » Sound » and select the options
there. Also, if you're an android user make sure you disable vibrations when selecting anything on your phone by doing this Settings » Sound » untick Haptic Feedback
Reduce The Brightness Level:
lower your battery consumption by reducing your screen's brightness.
You can reduce it when you're not
making use of your phone. To do so,
Go to Settings » Display » Brightness » and
adjust it from there.
All in all i'ld get advise you to get a
power bank for your phone. If you
use an android phone it has an
external power memory called Power Bank. Power bank is an external storage device that stores power for
your phone. When your battery is
low and there's no light, all you
need to do is connect your
power bank to your phone and it'ld start charging on its own.

I hope these safety tips were helpful...??? If you have any question you can just drop your comments here...

Source: DailyTechMedia

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