Tuesday, 26 November 2013


It's been more than three weeks since the
Nexus 5 made its way onto the market, and
the momentum hasn't stopped.
True, the handset does have its fault but despite its drawbacks, the
Nexus 5 is still an excellent device for the
reasons we list below. Of course, if you have
other reasons why you like it (or even hate
it), be sure to let us know in the comments.
It runs the latest Android OS
Android 4.4 KitKat may not be an overhaul
when you compare it to the previous OS
version, but the update still brings plenty of
punch. This includes the ability to
search for unknown numbers directly from
the dialer, and a built-in framework for cloud
printing. And as a Google-branded device,
users will be able to receive OS updates the
moment they roll in, so you won't have to
worry about getting left behind.
It's a powerhouse
Quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor? Check √.
Adreno 330 GPU? Check √. Support for LTE
bands? Check √. The Nexus 5 is packed with top-
notch hardware. In addition, the handset
offers built-in wireless charging and NFC
(near-field communication), so you can juice
up your phone and transfer files without any
cables. Other specs include a 1080p display,
2GB of RAM, and a sizable 2,300 mAh
It has great call quality
Now we know
call quality depends on several factors (your
location, carrier, coverage, even local weather
can influence signal). Calls that took place both
indoor and outdoor sounded excellent, and
voices came in (appropriately) loud and
clear on Nexus 5. Be mindful, however, that if you're a T-
Mobile customer and rely on Wi-Fi to make
calls, the Nexus 5 doesn't have that support.
Its camera has HDR+
Like we mentioned before, the Nexus 5's
camera is not the best cameraphone under
auto settings. (In fact, if you're looking for a
tricked-out camera, check out the Nokia
Lumia 1020 or the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
instead.) However, with the HDR+ feature
under its belt, users can still take excellent
photos. That's because the camera not only
takes several photos of different exposures,
but it also takes a burst of photos at the
same time. Overlaid altogether, these effects
can churn out one top-notch picture.
It's affordable

You can get it one or on at the price of #75,000 to #90,000.

For a handset of this caliber, that's an
SOURCE: CNET incredibly affordable price.

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