Friday, 22 November 2013


Apple's iWork is slowly but surely getting back to its old form.
The company on Thursday updated its iWork
suite with several features it took out of the
latest launch. The biggest update is the
addition of customized toolbars -- a feature
power users enjoyed in previous versions but
were sad to see go in the latest option.
Apple was hit with user complaints recently
after the company updated iWork without
some of the features its long-time users had
liked using. The company earlier this month
posted a notice, saying that while some of
the features in iWork '09 were taken out of
its latest launch, it planned on bringing
many of them back. Apple also suggested
new features would be coming.
The latest updates are by no means
breathtaking -- new Keynote transitions and
Windows size and placement fixes can only
go so far, after all -- but they're a step in the
right direction for those who have been
complaining of lost features.
Apple's updates are available now in the
Mac App Store.
Source: CNET

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