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Buying a new laptop computer can
be both frustrating and expensive.
Technology is growing with times, a
sign of transformation. Same can be
in computer world, previously we
used to be happy with PC but now
the whole criteria are changed as
people are upgrading themselves for
using Laptops. Recent years showed
advancement in Laptops and the
reason behind increased purchasing
trends is its portability which makes
it easy to use and moving from one
place to another without applying
efforts. So people prefer the use of
Laptops over Personal Computers
because of several reasons including
upcoming technology, portability,
etc. But, often we get baffled when
it comes to purchasing new Laptops.
Often, we are deceived by
purchasing the system which is not
self-reliable to use. So, before
buying a new Laptop,
things to consider before buying a
new laptop are below :
1. Specifications:
This is the initiative point one
should keep in mind before buying a
new Laptop. Technical specifications
include system’s hardware and
software ingredients which is the
basic things. One should check out
the RAM capacity, Hard Disk,
Processor, Video Card, etc which
ascertain a Laptop’s reliability or
otherwise. If its capacity is low, then
you will obviously suffer fluctuations
like frequent hanging up of system
and so on. So, it’s recommended to
go with such master piece which is
derived with at least 4 GB RAM, 320
GB Hard Disk, Dual Core i5 processor
including one Graphic Card. So,
before purchasing any Laptop, put
this into consideration.
2. Structure and Durability:
The next priority to keep in mind is
Laptop’s structure which includes
size, durability, weight and so on.
The main purpose for selecting net
book is its portability and if the size
for same is lumpy, then there’s no
catch. So you should see whether
the device is handy or not. You
should also think of its weight;
normally, a system weighing about
two kilogrammes is pretty to
determine the reliability and
These two factors even determine
the durability of system. Users with
harsh working tendency always need
that device to endure surprising
shocks. So, the laptop must have
extra tough metal covered, to ensure
no internal damages are done to the
hard disk, processor, etc. Thus, if
you are completely satisfied with the
structure of a Laptop, then go for it.
3. Battery Life:
The Battery Life is directly or
indirectly the first need of any user.
If the device’s battery system is of
poor quality, then one will face
many inevitable problems. The very
first thing to do as a customer is,
first ask about the Laptop’s battery
life. So one should check and
enquire about maximum support the
Laptop’s battery will give. Standard
need is 10 hours or as per usage.
4. Price and Budget:
Every person has its own budget,
and one should buy Laptops bearing
same in mind. For instance, if your
budget is 25, 000 and you are
dreaming of a device which costs 50,
000, this is calling for avoidable
debts. So, in such case, you should
concentrate on main functions
needed for your use. In cheap price
you can’t enjoy latest technology
but can surely seek out functions
which are basic and required one.
5. Other Specifications:
Other things include connectivity,
user guide, display resolution, Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth, USB ports, etc. These are
the required specifications which
users should keep and things to
consider before buying a new
laptop ,For new and fairly used or
london used laptop if you need you can go to West Minister at Apapa wharf or Computer Village in Ikeja that is if you stay in lagos. Please do not
hesitate to drop your comment if you have any question below...


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