Saturday, 19 October 2013


Despite the longtime, full-blown rivalry
between Google and Facebook, it looks like
the two Internet behemoths may finally be
coming to terms with each other -- at least
when it comes to serving up ads on the
Google announced Friday that its DoubleClick
unit will soon let its ad clients buy ads on
This means that starting in a few months,
clients will be able to buy inventory on
Facebook Exchange (FBX), the social network's
retargeted ads platform, via DoubleClick's
Bid Manager.
FBX's retargeted ads take into account
people's browsing behavior outside Facebook,
as captured through cookies, with the aim of
offering up messages about products they've
already shown interest in.
"Partnership has been key to Google's
success as a rising tide lifts all boats. So
we're excited to announce a new way to help
our clients succeed by working with Facebook
to participate in FBX, their real-time bidding
exchange," Payam Shodjai, DoubleClick senior
product manager, wrote in a blog post.
Google's announcement about the
partnership was brief -- a mere four
paragraphs -- and on the outset, it might not
appear to be deserving of much hype, but it
means a lot to those in the tech advertising
When FBX was launched earlier this year,
Google was noticeably absent from the group
of ad tech companies that were welcomed to
the platform -- it was an obvious snub
toward the biggest player in the ad tech
It's not entirely clear why they've decided to
partner now -- but the agreement will
undoubtedly benefit both parties.
DoubleClick is a powerhouse in the online
advertising industry. And FBX is an enticing
offering for ad buyers who are looking for an
entry into the online playground of
Facebook's 1 billion-plus users.

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