Saturday, 21 September 2013


Every serious student that gains
admission into tertiary institutions
has the aim of graduating with a
first class/distinction degree but the
reality shows that the number of
first class students in Nigeria’s
tertiary institutions is on the
decline. Steps,
which if diligently followed will
enable every student who aspires to
make a first class in school to do so
with ease.
1) Get serious from the first day
It is common for students to get
carried away with the euphoria of
gaining admission into higher
institution that they forget the major
reason why they are in school. It is
essential to start building your
grade point from the first day so as
to avoid playing catch up afterwards.
2) Attend Lectures
While attending lectures may not be
so important in your first year in
school as most courses are what you
must have already learnt previously
in your secondary school and the
large number of students in lecture
rooms in your first year may not
make attending lectures enticing
however after your first year,
attending lectures must be a
priority, this is enable you mark
attendance in class which may be
the difference between an A or a B,
pick salient points which the
lecturer may mention in class and to
pick instructions and tips which
lecturers usually give in class.
3) Understand your Lecturer(s)
As all human beings differ in various
characteristics so do your lecturers
differ in the way they want things to
be done. While some may prefer you
to understand their notes only,
others may prefer you to research
more on your own after giving you
notes, others may depend solely on
past questions and so on. It is very
essential to understand each
lecturer who comes to lecture you.
This might be done by seeking
advice from students who have taken
courses taught by the lecturer.
4) Don’t build serious relationships
with opposite sex
It is very essential to keep only
platonic relationships with the
opposite sex while in school. This
might be very difficult especially if
you are a pretty lady or a handsome
guy but the truth is if you keep any
serious relationships, it will eat out
of your valuable time you would
have spent studying.
5) Learn to study
This usually is the most difficult
part of a student’s life as different
distractions exist in the higher
institution but unfortunately this is
the most important step on your way
to making a first class in school.
While most students are fond of
deceiving themselves by either
sleeping and waking in the library
without actually studying, it is very
essential to give at least 2 quality
hours studying every day.
6) Rub mind with others
No man is an island, no matter how
hard you study you can never know
it all, there will still be some few
things which you still would not
know but someone else’s could help
you with and save you a lot of time
trying to decipher how to go about
the problem.
7) Put God first
Always remember that God is the
owner of all knowledge and gives
only to those who he wishes to.
Learn to always put God first before
every lecture, test or exam. He is the
only one who can see you through.
Good luck.

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