Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Here are a few important features you
should know about in iOS 7:
Added security
You don't need the fingerprint scanner in
the iPhone 5S to have a secure device. It's
recommend that iPhone, iPad, and iPod
Touch users utilize Apple's Passcode feature.
This can be enabled by going to Settings,
followed by General, and selecting Passcode
From this window you can lock your device
with a password or PIN, in addition to
enabling certain actions, such as using Siri
or replying to a text message, while the
device is locked. There are a number of
options available to you when you set up the
Passcode feature; for example, you can set
the device to lock immediately after the
screen is shut off, or delay the feature from
going into effect for up to 4 hours.
You also have the ability to program your
device to automatically erase all of your
personal information after someone attempts
(and fails) to unlock your phone. This feature
can be found at the bottom of the Passcode
Lock settings under the "Erase Data" option.

Improved Siri
We already told you about some of Siri's new
abilities, including pulling information from
places like Wikipedia and Twitter, controlling
system settings, and the ability to change
Siri's gender , but that's not all Apple's voice
assistant can do. Siri can also help you
listen to a voice mail or be used to return a
missed phone call. To do this, simply open
Siri with a long press on the home button
and ask your request.
Apple Maps
The release of Apple Maps isn't something
Apple would want to relive. The widely
panned app was buggy and inaccurate,
among other complaints, when it launched
last year as part of iOS 6. With Google Maps
gaining popularity across iOS, Apple has
continued to improve its in-house mapping
A small change you will notice in Apple
Maps for iOS 7 is a new Night Mode that is
automatically enabled after the sun sets. The
feature, which is present in the turn-by-turn
navigation window, displays a darker gray
background in place of the traditional bright
Along with support for new gestures , Apple's
Mail app received a small and greatly
appreciated new feature in iOS 7. A common
complaint among iPhone and iPad users
revolved around notifications that could
quickly build up and become an eyesore. A
simple change by Apple has all but resolved
this issue, though.
All e-mails inside of the Mail app can now
be flagged, or marked as read or unread in a
few simple steps. To do this, click on the
"Edit" button at the top right-hand side of
the screen, followed by the "Mark All" option
in the lower left-hand corner. A popup
window will then appear that will give you
the option to either Flag e-mails or mark
them all as Read or Unread.
Drop your comments below if you're an iOS 7 user.

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